Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wondering where the time goes

Last night I actually managed to sit and spin for a whole hour whilst watching the tv. A big step forward, not telly watching, I've been slumped in front of a few things, but having the energy to actually spin. It's the orange merino/tencel from Bonkers, a nice cheerful colour for this time of year, but it works best for me spun fairly fine, and a little goes a long way, so the quantity on the bobbin is somewhat meagre as yet. Most likely to grow up in to socks.

On which latest pair thereof some progress has been made, and interestingly they are orange, too. I have done the toe and an inch of the second in the pair; I'm getting bored with toe-up and will do something different next time. I also knitted half a row on the giant hairy afghan last night, which I may not have mentioned before, can't remember.

A friend gave me a big bag of mohair in all sorts of colours, and I quickly decided that I was not a mohair jumper sort of a person, so it will become an afghan, made up on the needles as I go along. This is my "upstairs" knitting project, and as I couldn't get off to sleep last night, I came in to the workroom to listen to my ipod and knit for a while. Very peaceful. I have an upstairs spinning project as well, the last of the yak fluff so the DSM can knit himself some more fingerless gloves. He has Raynaud's Disease, and the medication he is on has exacerbated it something shocking. Wristwarmers etc do help quite a bit.

Still, that is all the fibre news that is fit to print (by which I mean nothing at all, just being silly). I am yearning to do some beading, too, but so far can't find the time. Hopefully, some of this will ease - an awful lot of the fall-out from the Great Cardiac Incident and the Great Gale/Power Surge will be dealt with. And if I can manage to moderate my compulsion to feed himself on interesting, tempting and heart-healthy meals three times a day.....soon, he will be able to forage for himself occasionally, and what is wrong with a nice sandwich, anyway?

The washing machine has formally been decreed dead, and all I have to do now is go out and buy a new one, and phone the insurance people. I could cope pretty well without most things, but hot water and the washing machine wouldn't number among them. You can only impose on friends so often.

This morning was taken up with the daily constitutional - went up the main track towards the mill, although we didn't get nearly that far, of course. I keep meaning to take my camera, and forgetting, although I didn't really see anything that would have made a good shot. What we did see was a flock of long tailed tits, a greater spotted woodpecker and a tree creeper all at once! It was nice. When we got back, went up on to the garden for a while and saw three of the four fish in the pond. The other thing we noticed was that one of the camellias that came from my mother is absolutely covered with flower buds, so we must remember to protect if there is ever any likelihood of frost. Then we went in to town to pick up the paper and I indulged us in terribly unhealthy cappucinos and maple pecan pastries.

This is a blog entry full of the minutiae of daily life, and that is exactly the way I like it at the moment. A little of the sort of excitement we have had recently goes a very great distance. Small pleasures, that's what I want. Small pleasures.

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Sara said...

What *I* would like to see a photo of, now that you are taking requests (!), are those square (cubed)quarried blocks which cross the mill stream, making the path to the other side, up towards the mill.

Good to hear minutiae. We've had quite enough excitement.