Sunday, February 04, 2007

Onward and upward

Although actually at the moment I am fighting none to successfully the urge to get horizontal and snoring.

Yesterday was a lovely day, both weatherwise (again!) and socially, with siblings descending en masse (all two of them plus one spouse) to do odd jobs and enjoy a convivial lunch; one of the DSM's female fan club arriving with a nice little pot plant for him; and a friend/neighbour from up the river coming down for tea, chat and to bring grapes and puzzles. Wore me out, but he seems ok......

So, I now have a lovely clean and tidy cupboard under the stairs and a massive pile of junk to take to the tip; and my niece is to be the recipient of upwards of a dozen demi-johns that are now surplus to requirements. And - today's exceitement - I have a brand new fully installed washing machine, hurrah! So now I can start on the laundry mountain and we will have clean underwear just in time... (is that TMI??)

Precious little knitting or spinning, although a tiny bit of each. I will do better this evening. But we have been out walking in the sunshine _ note the request for a particular photograph, but I haven't been up there yet. Soon, soon. Meanwhile, enjoy some of these....

Himself, glad to be out in the sun:


An arty shot of branches:


Various, around and about:

Mossy wall


This next is the tree that came down in the gale and did all the damage:

Tree in river

And up the steps and around the corner takes me home:


Last, but very much not least, a surprise parcel arrived yesterday. Custom dyed sock yarn from Sara. (Colour slightly more vivid in the photo than actuality, the natural light is bright today.)

sock kit

What can one say? (Wow might be a good place to start?) Oh, thank you works, too.....

The kindness of friends....well, I've said it all before, but it is still true.


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Glad to see the DSM is looking good. Hope you enjoy the audio book - I am really into it!

ewetopia said...

Sure delighted to see Pete up and about looking quite normal and healthy!!

Leigh said...

What lovely photos, from your DSM looking good to those gorgeous yarns and every thing in between.

Charleen said...

I enjoyed the photos and seeing Pete look very fit! Have fun doing laundry.