Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Time passes

Time passes - and nothing very much happens. Nothing much bloggable, anyway. But I felt that I should just put in a brief appearance as much to reassure myself that I hadn't faded out of existance as anything else.

Oh, stuff has happened. Stuff that is pretty routine for the most part, sometimes more fun than that. Friends, yarn shops, fibre suppliers, you know the sort of thing. But very little spinning or knitting activity has taken place. (Weaving, now - that is a different story, but not mine. Let us just say that the DSM, in contrast to my apathy, is going like gangbusters at the moment, and apart from everything else that he has been doing has wheeled forth the Baby Wolf and has Been Doing Things. I will report in due course.)

I have put a few more inches on the never-ending scarf. Let us just say - it will be done by next winter! But it is an odd thing. For all that I find it a deadly dull project, I love the way the stitch looks, and am going to have to fight very hard with myself not to attempt to survive knitting a waistcoat using the same one. I have bought some grey/brown BFL, and some gorgeous silver grey (dyed) merino/silk with either that in mind, or if I can manage it, a cabled afghan. We shall have to see. All in the future....

And in the present, there has been a long, dedicated search for Just The Right Shawl Pattern. Remember, I finished spinning a spinach green merino/silk, destined for a shawl? I looked at the ball of yarn, and panicked. There would not be enough for the sort of shawl I had in mind. So hours and hours and hours were spent hunting through the Ravelry pattern library, not to mention all the books that I have, and nothing, absolutely nothing leapt off the page at me. So, I thought it would be sensible to make another Pimpelleise - a great pattern, nice and simple to knit and very useful when completed.

After several inches, I realised that the ball of yarn had barely diminished at all. I was being a total pessimist about what I could accomplish with it (I think there may be a moral there, somewhere.....). The hunt was up again. And this time, I found a neat little number on Ravelry, called, I believe, the Ashton shawlette. I'll check and post the link when I post first pics. I have cast on (twice, not bad, eh?) and I think it will be good.

Perhaps the grey fog of time passing is....passing.

Tomorrow, off to Norfolk, with two workshops to teach. In the town where I went to school, although not of course actually there! Although I might just phone them up and ask if it is possible to do a quick walk-through. A few favourite spots to visit, and ah ha! a new yarn shop in Holt. But I cannot deny that this is going to be a bit of an odd trip - the first return visit since my mother died and all. I have always counted myself as a Norfolk woman, my family on my mother's side was through and through, so I preferred to claim that heritage rather than my father's more southerly one. I think I should maybe reconsider that, for what it is worth.

Anyhow, I want to finish a bit of spinning before we go, so, off to my wheel. Next post from foreign parts again.......