Saturday, February 24, 2007


Not so much now, but I certainly was when we got back from AH last night. But curling up under the duvet with my iPod for a bit, and then getting up close and personal with a couple of glasses of red wine helped, as did a very good night's sleep.

So, why? Well, a fairly stressful week one way or another, but mostly an exceptionally busy class at AH. plus the DSM came with me. I had thought this would be a good idea, and I guess it was, he had a really good time and even managed to help me out without pissing me off (g) a couple of times. But he overdid it a little bit, mainly by taking an overlong constitutional in the afternoon - and I felt very vindicated when I learned that several people had noticed that a) he was gone a long time; and b) looked pretty tired when he got back. So it is not just me being an over-anxious spouse!

On top of that, I had eighteen participants in my class, of whom three were complete beginners and one had only spun a little bit, and then I have some by now fast becoming regulars who I would classify as needing a bit more help yet. In fact, one of the things that the DSM helped out with was finding out that someone who has been coming intermittantly for a few months couldn't ply - I was absolutely mortified when I found out, but in my own defence, I have sat with her working on other problems regularly and have always asked her if there was anything that she particularly wanted to cover. But still.....

I was thinking about it during the drive home. It is one of the frustrations of teaching this class, that because of its structure, I can't teach spinning in a coherent fashion. New people bob in and out all the time, many only come a very few times, others do stick. But we have the whole gamut of range of experience from twenty years to twenty minutes at any one moment. Even when I did plan a six month series on fleece and fibre preparation, people came and went through that. Mind you, writing this, it does occur to me that I could do a similar exercise on spinning basics. There are distinct lacunae in the experience of the long time members that could usefully be addressed. H'mm....another example of the benefits of blog-writing!

Anyway, today I get some time off - the DSM has no less than three rugby internationals to watch, and whilst I do actually like the game myself, that is a bit much and some time spent with a book, or my knitting or whatever seems much more inviting. This evening, during the third, I think I will try to find out if I really can play DVDs on my laptop as I think I can.

Then tomorrow I - we - have a real treat, friends from Cambridge who have been in Yorkshire for the weekend are coming over for lunch. We always very much enjoy their company - well, I have known L since we were eight (do the maths!)

And then, next week should be a little less without incident. No, no, that was a really stupid thing to say, wasn't it - what have I done!

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