Saturday, February 17, 2007

Winds of change

By which I mean that I think I am going to be brave and hit the button to update the blog so that I can play around with the layout. Can it be so hard? Who knows, with me. So, if things look strange around here for a while, that will be why.

We have been out and about. Yesterday was a session at the hospital run by the Cardiac Rehab Unit, who are very good. I have to say, not a lot that we didn't know, but a bit, and very reassuring and well-presented. The DSM finds all that sort of thing very good, I think it helps him to realise that something rather major has happened to him - he is feeling so well (which is a good thing....) that he sometimes forgets!

Then today was Guild, and it was a lovely meeting. We had a talk from Sue Woodcock, who is an incredibly entertaining speaker, and then just hung out with people for an hour or three, spindle spinning in our case. Himself was greeted with hugs, exclamations, very nearly cheers, which was touching.

And now we are waiting for B/SIL to bring us meals-on-wheels! Such a kind thought - they wanted to visit, and said that they couldn't expect us to feed them, so it is all prepared and travelling to us in their car as we speak. In fact, I think we are capable of producing sustenance for our nearest and dearest, actually, but it will be very nice not to have to, the DSM's bro is a pretty nifty cook, and he was on kitchen detail as SIL was at Guild with us.

So - if things go skew-whiffy with the blog, don't panic. I'm not-a goin' nowhere, just feel like a face-lift.

Now, there's a thought to conjure with........

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Leigh said...

Oooo, you're braver than I am. I really want to hit that 'customize' button but haven't built up the nerve yet. I'll be interested in how it goes for you!

Glad to hear your DSM is doing so well.