Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another day older.......

I do, I admit, feel that I am ageing rapidly at the moment.

Aaargh! Particularly as I am in grumpy old woman mode as Blogger has forced me to change to the new style and Everything Is Different. Oh, no doubt I will get used to it and grow to like it - either (oops, another difference, you have to switch italics off now, what the fuck the button is telling me I am IN italic mode when demonstrably I ain't) that or move on over to Typepad where I have set up an account ready and waiting but although I can take my Blogger text archives with me I can't move photos, so I am reluctant to do that and just how long can I make this sentence last anyway - eh??

That is not how I had intended to write this post. Let's start again.

I have finished a pair of socks, the "knitting by the bedside" pair. I am so pleased to have an FO, even a small and routine one (I never ever did think that I would call knitting socks "routine", but there you go, we are all capable of change!) Ta da.

The bedside socks

However....the knitted boa is still a tangled mess, but less so than it was, as the DSM has been putting in sterling service in the untangling department. I am slightly anxious about the amount of stress it may be causing him, but he tells me not to concern myself........

Also, I started the Knitty "Mrs Beeton" wristwarmers yesterday, but even after doing a swatch, when I had completed a few actual rounds I found it too dense a fabric coming up, so that got ripped as well. I'll have another go tonight at Coven.

For which I have made a lemonish sort of cake. Possibly marginally overcooked, but I am hoping that the generous quantities of lemon curd and lemon buttercream will compensate for that.

We still have a hole in the kitchen ceiling. Someone came and stared up into it this lunchtime, then went on up into the bathroom and started doing some very meaningful sounding tapping. I am hopeful that we may get this sorted out fairly soon. I am being very sanguine about it.

Really, I am.

Just ageing rapidly.........

(Oh, PS: the DSM continueth to maketh decent progress. We both get to go to the hospital tomorrow for a sort of open session run as an introduction to various services provided by the Coronary Rehab Unit. Sounds like jolly fun. But it has to be done.)

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Charleen said...

Aren't all of your pictures on Flickr? I'm pretty sure you can use it on TypePad too. Of course you'll probably have to do some linking.