Monday, February 26, 2007


Is a pair of wristwarmers in pure cashmere. Purple cashmere, to boot.

Yum, yum, yum.

These are the not-Beetons. They are very similar to the real Mrs Beetons that Brenda Dayne designed for Knitty, but the yarn I had didn't work out stitch-wise, numbers of rows/decreases or whatever, so I improvised. One day I will do the vrai choses, but these are great for now.


The colour is a little bit off in the first pic - I don't really have a brown kitchen floor or orange hands. But I found it difficult to avoid camera-shake doing the one-handed photo thing, and this one is best for that.

And off-piste, we have....


These are very warm and cosy. Well, they would be, dumbo. Maybe I will dive into my stash and see if I have any more cashmere......

Couldn't sleep again last night, so I started spinning a kilo of "Rovings" that I had earmarked for myself - I actually haven't spun any for ages. That and a podcast on the iPod soothed me some, and I eventually crawled back into bed and got off to sleep around 1.30. This is getting a little tedious. I am loathe to just give in and revert to night-owl, but it is tempting. Grrr.

Otherwise, all well. I'm about to go and listen to the Archers (soooo bad for the blood pressure!) and knock up a pasta dish with the leftover veggies in the fridge, but as these are aubergine, tomato and red pepper, I foresee no problems.

Nanny Ogg is coming over for lunch tomorrow, that will be nice.

Now, what to knit next.......

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