Friday, March 02, 2007

Crosby, Shells, Nosh and............

No, I'm sorry, I just cannot do it. Complete the title with the DSM's suggestion, I mean. OK, so it made me roar with laughter at the time, but put that down to an abundance of sea air.

Run sequence.....



This link seems maybe a bit impermanent, but I'll give it a go anyway.....neither is it the menu we had, but never the less, it all tasted jolly good. Much as I google, I can't find a decent link for the Eagle and Child at Bispham, but if you want a good meal in an attractive, traditional-style (now gastro-) pub, then this one is pretty good!



I have been wanting to see the Gormley installation for ages, and thought I had missed my chance - it should have been moved by now. but seemingly, public pressure has at least extended it's stay at Crosby, and with a fine and sunny day showing up it made a good longish day out for the DSM to try his wings and a bit more driving.

Wow. Incredibly impressive. I had not taken on board how extensive it is - 100 statues over 3 km of shore, all staring out to sea. It reminded me very much of this.

We had a super day. Yes, quite tiring including as it did quite a hike along the beach and around a lagoon (saw tufties and a pair of goldeneye!) but very good. I did try to write this up that night, but had to store it as a draft and finish up later. So I will cut this fairly short for now and simply include a few more images.

And not a scrap of fibre in view.....





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Charleen said...

You didn't have to finish it ... it still made me laugh!

Nice that you didn't miss your chance to see the Gormley installation. Looks interesting and rather haunting.