Saturday, March 10, 2007

Little by little

A number of things are happening.....

The DSM is making good progress. Not that he has ever been awful, after the first day or two, but suddenly he both looks and acts more like his old self.

The bathroom changeth (and then sticks again!) The shower panels were removed, tiles came off the wall and plastering took place. It then has taken days to dry out, but is nearly there, and we are assured that the thing will all be put back into operation on Monday.

Which is the day that the decorators start on the kitchen. But at least we did not have to cancel them again, and they can box and cox with one another for one day, surely?

By the end of next week, we might just have got rid of these particular uncertainties that seem to have been hanging over us for quite a few weeks. Huzzah.

Then. Long day out yesterday, which himself survived very well. I went beading with a friend (and some of her other friends.) I started this:

Netted cuff WIP

A lousy photo of one third of a three-bead netting cuff, but I have got going with beading again! And have plenty of ideas for other things, some of which are simple stringing projects, but pretty nonetheless. Wow, cor &etc.

Followed by this:

Mojave Polwarth

I have actually managed to come up with a few hours of real spinning time, and have started on the kilo of Rovings Mojave that I had smuggled in to my own stash. It is lovely, a real pleasure to spin. And, by the way, Francine has sent the new stuff for Woolfest so nice and early that it is already here and I am going to have to stop myself from hijacking some of that, too. Some lovely new colourways.

I have also continued to spindle spin the blue fluff and am halfway down the foot of a sock. So I am feeling much improved myself. Even after also fitting in a visit to my mother yesterday as well as everything else. Though I have to say she was considerably more cheerful than the last time we saw her, and I am glad for it. Perhaps now that Spring is springing a bit? Maybe?

Actually, it certainly is, all of a sudden there are daffodils out all over the place, and leaf buds on the trees and great warblings from the local birds. So maybe it is just our sap a'rising up, too. But wot the heck - fun anyway.

Tomorrow at some point I shall need to remove most of the loose stuff from the kitchen, but otherwise I intend to devote myself to pure pleasure for the rest of the weekend. Just don't let anyone try to stop me.


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Glad to see theDSM is getting back to his usual self.

Leigh said...

Oh my. I don't have the patience to bead. I admire those who do. Lovely colors on the bobbin!