Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Had not yet gone, it seems.


This was what it gave us three days ago. It didn't last long, and neither did it inconvenience us at all as the lane didn't take the snow even though the fields and trees did. It was just pretty. I should imagine that will be the last of it now, but, hey, I could be wrong.

We are back to lovely blue skies mainly. In fact, the DSM decided this morning that we had to have our coffee outside, up on our precipitous garden, sitting in the sun. It was super, he was quite right. Unfortunately, I had massive amounts of stuff to get through today (which I still haven't finished, so what am I doing sitting here blogging, then?) so I couldn't indulge myself all that long.

I think I am looking at the future. Mostly this is good, we are establishing a routine of sorts (don't want to be too hidebound) and I am at last managing to lead my life as well as his - mostly. If this was permanent, something would have to go, and I am already muttering about this - and getting somewhere, hence having the decorators in. Cleaning and some gardening next, with a bit of luck. I also had a less enticing vision of the future a couple of days ago went we did the supermarket shopping, though, and a certain person spent a lot of time peering suspiciously at labels and trying to get me to buy things I Did Not Want. H'mm.

Now for something completely different.

long-tailed tit nest

I took this by dint of hanging out of our bedroom window, and to my amazement, you can actually see what is going on here, if you peer at it. (I think maybe you can biggify this, or at least go to Flickr and get a larger image there.)

Towards the middle of the picture, you can just see a darker, denser patch. That is the nest of a long tailed tit. Go left and downwards somewhat, and you can see one of the birds, too, at least, I can, and I don't think it is wishful thinking! I love these birds, we always have them around, more in winter than summer usually, so this is a real treat.

And talking of nests, there is a young heronry establishing itself down the road apiece. A heron sitting on a nest looks hilariously funny, I am ashamed to say. But I am so glad they are there. There have been dippers galore of late, another favourite, but a huge mystery is that I am totally convinced that I saw a grey wagtail through the velux window weeks ago, long before they should have been around. It was just after some very strong winds, and perhaps it had been blown off-course?

Wonderful as they are, enough of birds. I have been fibering away, really quite successfully, lots of spindle spinning. I have finished the blue fluff and like it a lot. Went back to some blue silk that I had on the go on my Bosworth Moosie, which spin (both) beautifully. Started some on another spindle so I can ply it. I am attempting to round up all the spindles I have used and left scattered around the domain - there seem to be fewer than I remember, I need to buy some more!

I am horribly afraid that I may have become hooked on braiding. I have a ribbon one on the wooden disc at the moment and it looks very pretty, and am in the process of setting up a honeycomb braid on another disc we hunted up. That will have to do for now - the class is on Friday. And tomorrow I have the alpaca ladies. I dug out the alpaca stash and spent some time refreshing myself, spinning some samples. Lovely stuff, I have. I need to do an alpaca project.....

I have also nearly finished Freyalyn's sock stuff and angora blend, very quick to spin as you can just point of contact it out very rapidly. It's nice. And I have done some more of the Rovings, spun ditto.

It has been surprisingly hard to work to carve out all that necessary time, but I am very glad that I have. It may be easier after this week is over, and especially as we have also had to put the kitchen and landing stuff back in place. although having said that, we are flying (literally) down to Cornwall for a terribly quick visit to the DSM's mum, who has been very patient with us, and is longing to see her baby boy, bless her.

Finally - the Spring Spin Off arrived this morning. Haven't had time to read any of it although it looks to be a good issue. but the SOAR workshop list is of course in there. What to do, what to do? It's his decision, as the Himalayas it out (It was to have been his birthday treat, but it seems over-risky now under the circs.) The workshops look better than last year, but do they grab us with wild excitement? H'mm. There are plenty of fors and plenty of against, as Plan B would be pretty cool. Watch this space.

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fibergal said...

The joy and indicision of SOAR classes. I love it. I want to take waaaay too many, of course. Fiberguy wants some too.

So when do we see photos of this braiding thing?????