Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Off the hook?

Could it be that the end is in sight?

Yesterday, no workmen in the bathroom, which was a bit of a blow as I am definitely feeling the psychological need to be shower clean.

But this morning, they turned up bright and early, and zipped through what they deemed necessary to do like the proverbial white tornado. Unfortunately, the "white" part seemed only to refer to the 'orrible mess of grout and plaster that they left all over every surface...not to mention all the pink plaster dust in the shower tray itself....not to mention. Oh, bah, humbug!

And it was only after they had gone that I realised that they had not put back the grab handle in the shower, and had resited the actual shower head in a different place. The DSM has buggered off again - he may just have a hissy-fit when he gets back, but what could I have done, they were shouting goodbye as they fled down the stairs - I do so wonder why......

Having got that moan off my chest, the painters are great, pleasant, work like the devil is behind them and will be done by the end of the day (and so, dear readers, will I be.......)

So, how have I been occupying my time, then? For one thing, I have gone ruthlessly through my lifetime collection of recipes torn out of newspapers and magazines and discarded something like 99% of them. Each one has gone into the pile, and then rarely been disturbed since. They are gone - only the best survive. Four versions of Sticky Toffee Pudding, a Brown Bread ice cream that I haven't made in years, but do know to be wonderful, and several dishes involving polenta, who knows why - they must just have tasted good on reading. (I can do that, another of my weirder talents.)

But I have also been active in other directions. (Apologies for the photos, can't move in here to arrange prettily and I simply can't be arsed to crop them).

Braiding disc

I have never before managed to make anything approaching a halfway decent braid. then I saw this wooden disc with its own little stand - a miniature Marudai, i'faith! - and couldn't resist, particularly as my AH class wanted a session on braiding. All of a sudden, I sort of get it. My tension is awful (is there a hidden message there, eh?), but is slowly improving and best of all, I have actually been enjoying it. The one I am working on here is a flat braid, but I have done a round, and prefer it. I bought the Jacqui Carey book, Beginner's guide to Braiding which seems excellent. Just what I need, a new fibre interest.....

But I do not neglect spinning. Purely in the interests of providing lots of material for our class in the summer, you understand, this arrived in the post yesterday.


I had, to be honest, been a little doubtful as to how usable it might turn out to be, but it was a very pleasant surprise. Not only is it very nicely made and easy on the eye, but it spins really very well. I can imagine it being particularly useful if you want to spin in a fairly confined space, like on a train, in a car, even, or in your very own padded cell (giving yet another insight into the state of her mind.....)

It is a Spindolyn. My other new best friend? Who knows, but it all helps.

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Leigh said...

Ooo, I have that book! It's a good one, though I confess that I don't have the patience for kumihimo.

Very interesting about the spindolyn. Looks like just the think for those things that is perfect for we klutzes.