Tuesday, February 20, 2007

This could be the last time........

Some time ago, in a weak moment, I agreed to give another talk on natural dyeing to a local group. With all that has been happening around here, I really could have done without it at the moment, but I hate to give back word, and it was only ten minutes drive along the road, or thereabouts..........

So off I sets after the Archers, nice time to get there and settle in while they do their business, lay our my stuff, do a bit of surreptitious deep breathing. But at the present moment in time, the Universe really, really has it in for me.

Really, really.

I get to the main road, and am faced with a large police vehicle blocking the valley road in the direction I wish to go. I try hopefully to explain. No dice. I am sent back to go the long, rural, winding, narrow way round. Which takes ages. And frequently grinds to a halt because of the unexpected volume of traffic. It's dark, and I hate driving in the dark, particularly along narrow, congested roads bordered with stone walls.

I'm whining, aren't I?

I finally get there, over half and hour late, abandon the car in the middle of the car park, pelt up two flights of stairs hoping like crazy that I am in fact in the right building. I am.

I fling garments, samples, books madly out on to a table, glug a swallow or two of water and launch right in - oh, no, the did get me to draw the raffle first!

It went ok, I guess. I was actually past caring. I totally winged it, random order, managed not to swear of say good god too often (church group). Even got a few questions and a cup of tea and a Jaffa cake!!!

Dyed stuff

But it may be the last time that this little lot gets an airing........

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