Saturday, January 06, 2007

Time passes

I had this thought, or rather, series of them, this morning. Seeds, plants etc need certain conditions to flourish. One of those is light - without the right amounts and levels of daylight (as opposed to sun/shade) plants will not thrive.

It therefore seems to me to be entirely logical that animals should be likewise. Of this I am living - if you can really call it that at the moment! - proof. So are the mogs.

Sleeping cats

Glued to the bed, they are, at the moment. And I think that is a pretty good indicator that most "days" are in fact nothing of the sort, just a kind of extended night, and nightingale I am not, so I ain't singing. Or much else for that matter.

Apart from whining, that is. Slap me upside the head, someone.

There is a gratuitous cat photo as there are none of FOs, or WIPs for that matter. But - there should be soon. I have nearly finished the hat, and not only have enjoyed doing it but it is looking nice, I think. I am looking forward to getting dyeing and doing more.

Then, I have finally been working on some of this dam' "art yarn" stuff for my next class. Um. I find it extremely difficult. I like to produce yarn that is soft, or drapey, feels nice next to the skin, is wearable. Oh, and usable? The first couple of attempts failed dismally. Yarn grossly overtwisted to produce a coiled effect simply does not work for me. However, my next attempt, also a failure, gave me the idea for a variation which turned out reasonably well at the first try. If another shot works out, I will tell all.

I am quite looking forward to some multi multi coloured stuff and a few sequins. But despite the fact that some people spend serious money buying these things up on eBay, I am not intending a major career change.

Although it doesn't show, I have been away from this entry for an hour. The DSM returned damp and puffing from a run and persuaded me to start internet hunting for a short holiday somewhere where the sun do shine. Obviously, the whining is bearing fruit (or perhaps that should be the other way around?) Four days in Tunisia, maybe? Doesn't sound too bad to me. Watch this space.

And finally - why did I not have my camera in my hand this morning, when running errands in town. We watched as a young couple carefully unloaded three little "baby carriers" from the back of their vehicle, stashing them carefully in a doorway out of the rain whilst they locked up and then dad picked up one in each hand whilst mum carried the other. Teeny triplets, only a few weeks/months old (hard to tell, with my lack of experience and them no doubt being a little small for their age on account of there being the three of them.) Too sweet.

I must be getting soppy in my old age.

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