Monday, January 01, 2007

Hail, hail.

Blogger is so scary sometimes - it just published my new title all by itself, twice. Aargh.


Hail - as in I am back, hello and happy New Year to one and all.

Hail - as in the little hard balls of white stuff crashing down on my skylight window. It is chilly, dank and growing rapidly dark.

But also hail - as in the turn of the old year and the promise of the new stretching out before us, and all that lovely fibre, absorbing projects and interesting things to do, people to see, places to go. That's why I love New Year, wave farewell to the old and embrace the challenge of the new, leaving mistakes behind and welcoming the opportunities that can be encountered or made.

Or at least, that's what you can do once the hangover subsides.....

Actually, although I should, I don't have one. For once - oh! such a rare occurrence - we ventured out last night, an invitation to have dinner and to see the New Year in with friends up the river. So on went the boots and out came the torches and we picked our way carefully through the woods. It was lovely - warm, comfortable, good food and good conversation. We reluctantly turned on the television to make sure we got the time right come midnight, but were pleased that we did because the fireworks from the London Eye were spectacular even on telly.

We had only got back from Cornwall the night before. Travelling in either direction proved on balance not as bad as we had feared, surviving the total gridlock in the town on the way out, and the terrifying moment on the M5 coming back when we were suddenly completely blinded (and I really do mean that) by the wash from standing water on the carriageway). The aged rellies were by and large in very good form, although we are somewhat concerned about Auntie P, who has fallen victim to the newspaper collecting syndrome that some elderly people develop. They are piled high in every room, and there are tottering towers of them all too close to her little two bar electric fire. Thought and action are required, I fear.

So, here we have my new iPod bag, and two pairs of yak down wrist warmers as gifts for our hosts last night.

Holiday knitting

The DSM wrapped them before I was able to photograph them.

Other holiday knitting - a good start on the hat from Machine Knitting to Dye For. I bought three kits at SOAR, the hat ready dyed, and then socks and bag to dye myself. Soon, I hope. I just wish I could develop the knack of handling two yarns with one in each hand. The DSM can do it, no problem, but try as I might, I can't. I think I maybe have a slightly different grip/style of knitting from him.

Also spent some time sampling fibres from Adelaide Walker for Summer School, and did a little more of the latest spindling task , the lovely blue mix from Carolina Homespun at the SOAR market. So not too dusty.

Managed to get out a couple of times, once over Newquaywards, not our usual, but lighted on a bit we didn't know called the Gannel. Very interesting and a definite to go back to and explore further.

And of course, we went down to Hemmick.




Sea foam

Wild, windy and beautiful.

Good to be home, though.

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