Friday, December 22, 2006

Would kick cat if she didn't believe that was a heinous thing to do.

I mean to say, can you imagine it? Moi?? She who runs around apologising profusely if she accidentally taps, kicks, knocks chair into or otherwise perpetrates any inadvertent, unintended bodily contact between her/feline??? Who suffers untold agonies in bed when aforementioned position themselves to their comfort, never minding that this has resulted in her having to contort her body into positions it was never intended to be in????

Enough, shut up already. What's to complain about? The Audible matter was resolved, that's something. I still don't know how - after "help" helpfully suggested three times that I try something I had already done, on the third attempt it miraculously worked. Still, what matters, I could then do the necessary, and now have an iPod filled with suitable material to get me through any sticky patches during the Festive Season. I somehow felt that "Bleak House" wasn't...quite...right. Somehow.

That's a 50% success rate.

So, obviously, the laptop issue was not resolved. You could say that. Oh, it arrived, eventually. I unpacked it with high enthusiasm, which rapid shriveled as I couldn't get the thing to fire up. Well, I did, a couple of time, and then.....nozzings. Deadness. I thought I was missing some trick, putting it down to age-related ineptitude (not having been born with a USB cable, just a regular old one) and the usual lack of any manual. But this morning, the DSM having taken it in to work for the big boys to look at, it Wasn't Me. There is something wrong with it, and of course it can't be fixed until after the hols as we are away.


All those good intentions of doing a little gentle work and some rather more serious playing, not to mention impressing the rellies by sorting out the answers to the King William's.

Or not.

Not to mention blogging. Never mind. Accept the will for the deed, and also please accept my very best wishes for the Season, whatever that may be. Quite fancy Yule, meself. Assuming that anyone is listening, except of course that it is perfectly ok to wish myself a merry, merry and a happy, happy. Yes, indeed.

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kimd said...

Merry Christmas & a Happy and Healthy New Year to both you and the DSM!!! Hugs to you both also!