Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Just lean around it

The cat on the knee, of course. The one sitting there purring appealingly, with a sweet, innocent expression on it's face. But that is really bound and determined to Get In The Way, because all human attention should at all times be directed towards IT.

I know how to get it to move, of course. Well, there are two ways. First, just push it off. Or get up rapidly so that it tumbles to the ground before it can anchor into your leg. Or - no, there are three ways...(no-one expects the Spanish inquisition - lets quit with the numbering....) Cuddle it (it's Neelix); make a noise like a biscuit box; make a move toward the camera....oh, that did it!

My visitor departed yesterday, leaving the house feeling empty and quiet and me feeling not quite sure what I was supposed to be doing after a week of fun and frivolity. One thing I am aware of is what the French would call no doubt a crise du foie, brought on by overindulgence in meals out. Not only were we partifying with our guest to some extent, but we were invited to a friend's sixtieth birthday lunch on Sunday. And very good it was too, but yet one more rich meal....yes, I know, this is venturing in to the realms of TMI, so suffice it to say that I am at home instead of carousing at Salts with the Coven and sipping herb tea.

All my own fault, I have no sympathy for me whatsoever.

Other than that, I am knitting - still haven't finished the Regia wool/cotton socks, but am now on to the rib on the second, so nearly there. Also what might become a knit-felt bag for the Guild Christmas present exchange if I am very lucky, if not I will have to resort to fibre. I am spinning camel and silk still - got some more from Adelaide Walker, which I may already have recorded, brain fog.

No great inspiration or projects in mind, except that I have heard a lot of talk about ganseys lately. Now, ganseys actually figure in my heritage, in that I lived in Cromer, Norfolk for some years and my parents for even more. My mother's family had lived and had many connections there, including with some of the fishing families I believe, but my dear mama would never acknowledge that! Anyway, I am developing a fancy to knit myself one, and I have in the stash some dark alpaca and silk that would look good, I think. I shall continue to mull it over, and probably in the meanwhile knot another boa, if only to use up some of the ridiculous fancy yarn stash that I have acquired. I also need to finally decide what the camel and silk is going to grow up in to....

Meanwhile, I have an AH class on Friday, and I need to divide the yak into small quantities, likewise the bamboo and the Optim, for the latest "spin something different" day. Should be quite nice and gentle and good fun. Just as well, the DSM is dropping me off and picking me up so that we can go straight in to Leeds for the opera, and then just as if that isn't enough, we have another the next night. Sunday may just be spent quietly dozing over the knitting!

With a cat purring on my knee, of course. And maybe I'll even manage to get a photo.


kimd said...

Sounds heavenly!!

Leigh said...

Well, cats do have "dibs" on knees, regardless of whether they're needed by their owners or not!

Freyalyn said...

You may find you need something with a bit more memory than alpaca/silk for an authentic gansey. However, you may not want authentic. Trog on over to the Traditional Knitting yahoo group and fish in the files for Liz Lovick's huge amount of stuff on ganseys - she does know her stuff as far as this is concerned, and she's put it all up.