Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Life's little essentials include for me a decent computer plus internet access, audio books on my iPod and good coffee. Thereby revealing at least three of my personalities, split or otherwise. To wit, the semi-nerd, as opposed to the back-to-nature-gal; and the caffeine addict, as opposed to the natural food afficionado. Although, upon reflection, coffee, the real stuff, is perfectly natural, so yah boo sucks.

This latter I now have before me, fresh, hot and flavoursome. And obviously, I do have a computer, or I wouldn't be here drivelling on. What I do not have is my brand new Dell laptop, which should have been delivered yesterday, has in fact been sitting in the delivery depot in Huddersfield for several days, and no-one has as yet telephoned me to say it is on it's way. And being me, I want it before we go to Cornwall on Friday - on the pretext of working on our Summer School course, naturally. Not for any ephemeral purposes. Oh, no, of course not.

Then there's the audio books. I have some unheard, but want to download some more of my purchases from AudibleUK. So why, pray, has it suddenly become impossible for me to do so? I diligently searched all the FAQs, tried all the suggested solutions, none of which worked, finally emailed their help desk, and all they have so far offered is a form response telling me to try all the things I had already tried, and not to expect any further communication unless this didn't work. Which I had already told them.

Pause for gnashing of teeth, rending of garments and slurping of much needed coffee.

I realise that it is not only the above that are making me twitchy. Add on to this seemingly incessant calls from insurance salesmen (because most of our insurances fall due around this time of year). But also add on the utterly ludicrous fact that I am driving a friend to a hospital appointment shortly, as she will be having drops in her eyes and wouldn't be able to see to drive herself - well, that isn't ludicrous of course, but being nervous about it is!!!!! Apparently, my dislike, of all things doctorly extends to this, too. Ridiculous, or what? Actually, there is also the minor matter of the horrors of hospital car parks, always several sizes too small for the volume of customers. That's going to be fun, but not a real problem.

I am just an idiot.

But an idiot who against all odds continues to make things.

More fingerless mitts

I like these. The fibre is some of Freyalyn's hand-dyed merino, spun by me very fine and navajo plyed. I have enough of it for wrist warmers, too, one of which is already done.

Still got the yak and the camel to finish, and holiday projects to sort out.

We'll get there, one way or another.


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Hi - hope you guys have a restful Christmas - and hope that darn laptop arrives.

Freyalyn said...

Very pretty.

Perhaps the coffee is adding to the twitchiness?? Just a thought (d&rvf).

See you later.