Wednesday, January 24, 2007

He's back!

Phone goes at 9.30, Pete's mobile. "They are letting me out - now!"

Not until I've finished my breakfast and had a shower, says solicitous spouse. Such a cow I can be. Anyway, finally made it by eleven, after a trifling incident with getting in a muddle with the four wheel drive - the lane was a bit slippy, so I engaged it, and then couldn't unengage. Got there in the end.

So. He is actually not on any extra medication, the damage is not too bad, the consultant fully expects him to make a pretty much complete recovery. Thus far, he has negotiated stairs happily, walked out on to the bridge with me to see where the tree came down, bringing in powerline with it, and is now happily ensconced in the workroom with me, thus:

The return

I'm slowly getting used to him being back - it's wonderful, but scary. Although his attitude is going to make dealing with that much easier for us both.

It is nice just to keep touching him in passing (sorry, I'll ration the soppy stuff!)


Charleen said...

Welcome home! Hopefully, after a few days, that scary feeling will subside. Does Pete get to recuperate a few weeks before going back to work?

Marie said...

All three look handsome and very content. It's time for a photo of all of you with big smiles. I'm happy to hear you're home, Pete.

beadlizard said...


--Syl, DD & DH

FibreJunky said...

No need to ration the soppy stuff. I'm very glad to see him home and looking good.

Leigh said...

What great news! Better spoil him for a bit.

Freyalyn said...

I'm so glad to hear this. And he looks well, and very comfortable with both the cats on him. Well done both of you!

And you could always bring him tonight - or perhaps more early nights are in order.



Margaret P said...

It's good to se Pete looking so settled and he "boys" look as tough they've missed him too!!

Sarah said...

Fantastic news!