Saturday, January 27, 2007

Making progress

Bother! I was halfway through writing a post, when - insert silly chain of events her - I did something stupid and uninstalled the modem. I did copy what I had written, but it hasn't worked, so even though I successfully did a System Restore as quicker than hunting around for how to reinstall&etc, I shall have to be creative all over again.

So, the DSM - and consort - are doing very well. We are both religiously following the add-five-minutes-per-day walking programme, which we are both enjoying because it gives us a nice relaxing time together in the fresh air, not to mention our beautiful woods. Today we saw the head of a heron peering at us over the edge of our neighbours' dam - there is always something good or interesting. Then chatted with other neighbours for five minutes, they saw us passing and rushed out to see how we were.

He is a bit tired - keeps forgetting this has happened and thinks he is as he was, which he will be, but not for a week or two. I'm tired, too. I had warned him that this would happen, well, warned me as well! It's ok - we both need to chill and relax, but that's quite nice, really, and we have loads of resources to keep us gently amused - and then some.

As well as all the wonderful emails, and phone calls, Pete has had a small forests worth of cards. He had one from an old and dear friend just yesterday. Really quite pretty, no? Well chosen to reflect the DSM's love of the countryside and so on.

card front

It was only as he handed it over for me to have a look at that he noticed the back..............

card back

Snicker. Well, actually no. Belly laugh.

Hey, other progress, too, I have finished the first sock. I have still barely spun at all, it will come back. But I want to get the second sock done, and then I have the camel and silk that I spun recently that I want to do something with cables in. There are some nice hat and scarf patterns in the One Skein book, I'm eyeing up those.

And on another positive note, the oven is sorted - it simply came back on when the engineer looked at it. Must have been having a small crise de nerfs when I tried it several times, stuck my head in and all - no sound, no odour, no flame, nothing. Ah, well, it is now sorted!

And people are lined up to fix the socket, look at the washing machine, do the ironing and clean the house. The last two mean that I can concentrate on restoring his health and my stress levels to something approaching normal! Some time soon, hospital outpatients visits will start for him, we need to keep at the walking and I want to also do a graduated outings programme so he can get used to operating in the big wide world again. I'm talking mainly about birdwatching trips and pub lunches, nothing to strenuous, mind. Visiting friends (and friends kittens, heh heh......) At the moment, people are visiting us, which is great and a good and necessary first stage.

We're gettin' there. But a bit more spinning would be good......

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fibergal said...

The mental scar takes quite a bit longer to manifest and then heal, but it does. I remember that we loved our time together in those walks and it brought us much closer. In general, the whole experience was great for our relationship and our view of the world. You learn what is really important in life, right? And how very much is not important.