Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nothing to report

Well, not much, anyway. Some good, some not so.

Let's get that out of the way first. A friend, who does know what he is talking about, tells me that in all probability my appliances are kaput. Ah, well. Just a question of organisation and one step at a time, like everything else, right? I'll move right along with that this morning.

I have one slightly sick cat. I am trying my best not to get overanxious, Neelix has already had a day off colour and recovered, so I have every reason to expect that Max will bounce right back too. Judgment, judgment - I mean whether or not to call the vet, not retribution from the heavens!

So, in the grand scheme of things, not all that bad, really. It's just that at 4am, when you are lying awake - well, I think someone has waxed lyrical about that somewhere before, so I won't go further.

I got to see the consultant's rounds yesterday, such a treat. I thought he was a little supercilious, but Pete reckons he is much better one on one, so it must be that he puts it on for all the minions - and me, maybe. One good thing, he doesn't think that the original heart attack was as serious as the registrar in CCU told us. Anyway, he is going to supervise the MRI and will decide then and then what is showing, so by the time I go in this evening we should know.

I was knitting my bright orange sock whilst this was going on. The consultant did a very good job of ignoring me, but one or two of the minions were gobsmacked, couldn't take their eyes off me. Pete is threatening to teach the other chaps in the ward to knit, he could do worse that teach the docs as well......

I have to say - and that is probably why I am sitting here writing this - I am finding the waiting, the hanging in limbo, very difficult. The very top of my head processes everything, weighs up the facts, makes inferences based on the information, is quite sanguine about the possible outcomes. The rest of me, mind and body, twitches and scuttles like rats in a sack. I suppose that isn't too surprising, and I do make myself run through relaxation exercises, breathing whatever, from time to time. I'm not beating myself up over this - I am proud of Pete for how he is managing, but I am actually proud of me, too. I don't all that often say that about myself, all those years of middleclass upbringing are jolly hard to shift....

I am being good and eating properly-ish. I made myself a simple - because I didn't have a whole lot of ingredients in the house - prawn risotto last night. It suffered slightly from the constant stream of phonecalls that came in during the cooking and the eating, but considering that it was made from only onion, arborio rice and big prawns, it was great. It was the largeish quantity of white wine and a sprinkling of a rather nice Cajun seasoning that we got in California that did it.

Now, when I say "prawns" I mean "jumbo" ones. Not King, not ordinary small pink prawns, but the ones in between. What I definitely do not mean is shrimp. Shrimp are tiny and brown, and quite delicious. Are we quite clear, there? Good.

And when I seemingly complain about phonecalls, oh no, not at all. I cannot say too often how much the calls, letters, cards, emails, blog comments have made to both of us.

OK, so some more displacement activity to get me through the day. Sort out most of the above. Enjoy the glorious sunny, frosty day outside. A decent cup of coffee, drunk slowly. Maybe finish the rib on the first sock. We can do this. Hopefully, the next entry will take the story on to a better place.


Sara said...

*rats in a sack*. So apt. Made me tear up as well. I remember that feeling, wish I could be there to help. A hug will slow it down for a while.

Prawns? Prawns? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I scoff at your word *prawns*.

beadlizard said...

Alfred and DH and DD and I send best wishes!!!


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Hang on in there, all of you.

Leigh said...

Good grief but blogger is being slow and uncooperative!!! I hope this comment posts.

Sorry about your sick kitty, but it sounds as though things are going well for Pete. The consulatant sounds positive, which is good. Pete's picture from Sunday looks good; he's not in a hospital gown, no evidence of a heart monitor or oxygen (and if he could take it off for the pic, that's good.) You don't mention chest pain or shortness of breath so that's good. He's smiling so that's good. I suspect he still has a IV but that's standard. And his attitude is good and that's worth a lot.