Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Cor, blimey, its taken me two and one half days to juggle a certain level of recovery with a modicum of sorting out, washing and general clearing up to get to blogging. I think I may be getting older. Ahem.

First - we had a grand week, weather not brilliant although we did manage to get to the coast - Silloth - to walk along the beach in sunshine. That was one of the "must-dos", and we did and we really enjoyed it. The other joint one was to go to one of the Osprey observation points (we weren't so silly as to insist on actually seeing one) and we managed that, too, despite torrential rain. But worth it! One appeared while we were there, and we did see it!! Plus, an added extra, a red squirrel or two. The RSBP have a very good set-up, with people at each point with scopes and walkie-talkies so they can keep each other and the visitors informed with up to the minute, accurate information. Works a treat.

Anyhow, I have some general Cumbria photos on the laptop, I will try to upload some to Flickr at some point.

Meanwhile, to Woolfest.

We went with no expectations. We were doing things differently this year, had no idea how it would go, but it was brilliant. We sold more than last year, which was a bonus. We met up with loads of people, far too many to name and link to, but I met several fellow bloggers and Ravellers. The influence of Ravelry simply cannot be understated. There were probably literally hundreds of us there, with badges of various kinds, meeting and greeting, skill-sharing, patronising one anothers businesses. Great fun. I think, give it another year or so and we can go for world domination, which would not be a bad thing at all.

I did manage to fly around first thing on Friday to make a few purchases. I should probably blog those properly, with full credits, at some point. (Note to self: get more organised.) Said hello to some folk then, but basically it just went on all the two days. I love it! Some are people we see fairly often, others it is once or twice a year, but it is all good.

I must just say though a huge thank you to all of those who helped us out with stall-sitting. You know who you are! It meant that on Friday we got a decent lunch break and time to go around once quickly together, for a change. Saturday, help was essential, as we had the two classes pretty much back to back. We had a quick sandwich, rushed off to set up, did the first hour, had another quick sandwich and a coffee (thanks to Rachel, our minder!) and did the second hour. All this in a hot, airless box without a window, but that was at least an improvement on last year's corridor. We had fifteen at each session, and every single person was spindling by the end of the hour, and some were plying, too. Only one or two had ever spindle spun before. Plus, they all seemed to love it. So we were quietly pleased with ourselves.

Saturday was exhausting, though. We had to finish packing up and leaving the flat we had rented (made much easier by the assistance of Magrat and Nanny Ogg.) Work the stall, do the teaching bit, and then break down and pack at the end of the day. And then drive home. We stopped in Kirkby Lonsdale for a very nice pub supper, which included an onion and butterbean soup that I must try to recreate, but it was after ten when we got back and crashed.

Sunday, the DSM went to pick up the mogs, and found out about the latest exploits of the dear little snowshoes. Escaping on a regular basis from their pen, to go exploring (its all secure, don't panic!). And then one morning the governor of the prison went to feed them and found the run all covered in blood splashes. He did panic, big time!

But investigation revealed, carefully stashed behind their basket - two very dead shrews. Mind you, they deserved to be caught, being so stupid as to go into a pen containing four cats! We are all certain it was the kits. It just had to be.

Ok, a photo or two.

pete @ the stall


general view

All fairly self-explanatory.

lots more sheep

And a few sheep to finish with.


beadlizard said...

What magnificent cattens!

Love the photos, especially of DSM. [Hello!] And very glad that the new spindlers took to the craft.

If you figure out the bean soup recipe, please post?

Claire said...

Love the post - you had a busy Woolfest! I was one of those beginner spindlers, and your workshop was brilliant - nothing beats being shown what to do by friendly, patient people, and the workshop was the highlight of my day. Thanks again x

Richard said...

Hiya was demonstrating google search to dad and a random search for midgehole troll oddly found your blog! Great pics.
Richard (across the river from you )

breezily said...

I was another of your beginner spinners! I found your blog when writing up my own post on Woolfest . I really enjoyed your workshop: as Claire has already said, seeing and doing with calm teachers is much the best way to learn. Thank you again.