Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Encounters with superglue

I'll come to that.

A wonderful weekend, the annual "retreat" at AH. I was teaching on Friday, a massively full class of both regulars but with three complete beginners and one nearly so. I had intended to do some work with the two "intermediates" but that simply didn't happen. I'm going to have to give some thought to limiting numbers, I fear.

The beginners were great. Two young women, sisters, one of whom cracked spindle spinning instantly but didn't like the wheel nearly so much. Her sister was the other way around, and went home at the end of the day totally enthused, as did the other person. She was in e#teaching, and ran a knitting club at her school. My impression was that she was going to introduce spinning too - how cool is that!

Struggling to juggle all of that, the fifth cavalry arrived in the shape of Freyalyn, who very kindly helped with the "nearly so" spinner that I was attempting to work with. Sometimes, as the DSM and I know well, a change of teacher/approach just does the trick.

Anyway, I spent the next two days either learning twined knitting from F (which, to my amazement, I did, my klutziness as a knitter being well known) or spinning the Shetland roving I got at Woolfest from Natalie at The Yarn Yard. Very nice stuff. I've got some BFL, too. For sock yarn, both. Very satisfactory. I did attempt to take photographs, but people kept moving around so none of them came out at all well.

Monday was a massive domestic catch-up day, and rescuing the mogs from prison. I tried really, really hard to get Barni home without any unfortunate occurrences, but failed in the last quarter of a mile. Newspaper rather than blanket from now on, I'm afraid.

And yesterday, I had another beginner spinner for a lesson at home. She was super, got everything instantly, pretty much. She could feel what was going on straight away, always a good thing. I've got two more people coming next week. There must be something in the water....or it's the Ravelry effect. Or the economy. Something, anyway. It's great!

Today, I'm going to enjoy myself. I'm about to go for a short walk as it isn't for once raining. Then finish the Yarn Yard yarn, then probably try to work out what to do with the lovely fluff I traded cotton for with F.

And resolutely ignoring the refilled basket of ironing? Probably.

Oh - and after all that, nearly forgot the superglue. Why on earth do the manufacturers put the stuff in little bottles whose lids have to be pierced, and the stuff is very runny, and most people (and yes, that does include me) are fairly cack-handed? Asking for trouble. Arsking for it. You will be relieved to know that getting the damn stuff on your hands doesn't lead to instant bonding with the nearest important object, but I would - really, really would - like to know how to get it off very nearly new and not inexpensive pants.

It will wear off my hands.....

And the mouse........(don't ask.)

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kim said...

I think the recommended removal solvent is acetone. Depending on what your pants are made out of or dyed with, this may or may not make the situation worse. Your local dry cleaner might be able to help.