Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wake me up when September ends

Not the real meaning of the song, but the way I interpret it! Sort of. By which I mean that much as I love to see the sun, couple it with the hotter temperatures (ok, ok, by UK standards) and high humidity (ditto) and I need to estivate. Trouble is, we have just gone from cold and rain to hot, and therefore humid almost overnight, no time to acclimitase....but I need to stop moaning about it.

I have managed to knit a lot, but also to spin.


From left to right: gorgeous grey Gotland, bought at Woolfest, and an absolute joy to spin. Next year I shall buy enough for a major project; next, hand dyed Shetland from Natalie at The Yarn Yard (I think I gave the url before - if I didn't, I'll edit the post later); and finally, a bit of a cheat, because it is some merino and tencel that I can't even remember spinning, it is so long ago, and have just removed from the bobbin. It looks terribly sleazy, but that might be because it has sat for so long. It is washing as I write, and hopefully will improve thereby. (There are some uses for hot weather, although it is so swampy with it that the dry is somewhat impeded.)

The cats have been totally flaked out. Often, they have hijacked the new armchair to flake in.

armchair hijackers

But when they are awake.....

cats just wanna......

The kittens would love to go out.

We have bought them harnesses, more fool us. We've never had success with these before, but believe strongly in the triumph of hope over experience. I'll report back.

The Coven has a dye day tomorrow (consummate timing, eh?) I have little I want to dye, but may pass the time documenting the process with my trusty digital camera, give the video function a bit of a work-out.

But before then, I have to go make a quiche to help feed us - Magrat has given her orders............

O buggrit - the Blogger spell check has vanished again - so sorry for any typos. Plus, it's raining. Hot rain - lovely.

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diannarubidge said...

Lovely shades of cat. Great photo.