Thursday, July 10, 2008

This & that

I'm just back from a very pleasant coven evening, for which I had purchased new sponge cake tins which worked a treat....but I digress.

I can never just go straight to sleep, so came through to check email, and upload some photographs and if by then still not sleepy, blog.

So, here I am.

I am pissed off about some of these photos. I seem to be going through an ever-worsening phase of taking really bad close-ups of yarn. But I'm going to post them anyway, for now, and if I can do better later, replace them. Otherwise it will seem as if I have achieved nothing this week!

purple-green merino-soy

First up, the finally completed soy silk and merino. Nice. I like it. I hope I have sufficient to actually make something with, otherwise I shall be forced to buy some more, and that would never do.

black diamond bamboo

Then, black diamond bamboo. Well, yuck. Loathed it, nasty to spin, horrible feel to it, nasty to ply and the finished yarn keeps breaking and looks like....well, use your imagination to fill in the relevant word! Never again. Just saying.

orange cotton

Next, another finally completed - the orange cotton. Started first on a supported spindle, then tried on the charka, eventually moved to the super fast flyer on the Lendrum because I was enjoying spinning cotton on it so much. At last I have plyed it, and even quite like the yarn, but have no idea what to do with it. I suppose I could spin some white and practice my fibre reactive dyeing skills. That would be good for me......

mohair batt yarn

Blurry but nice. Some brightly dyed mohair batts I got at Woolfest. Lovely to spin. I've kept it as softly spun singles (a bit too softly in places, actually....) and am hoping that I have enough for an around the shoulders thing. (I know what I mean - a shawlette - but I can barely bring myself to use the word. Bit like "cat activity centre". Sometimes modern "English" makes me groan and become all reactionary.)

So, I've had a week of finishing off things. I'm quite pleased with myself. Nice to be spinning more. Now I'm starting the pretty silvery grey Gotland also from Woolfest. Lovely.

Also plugging away at the various knittings. Nothing remarkable to report.

Now, I did just happen to mention the word cat. O wot a surprise. Switch off now if you can't bear any more photos of the pampered pets.


The old guys looking happy and relaxed. Max's fur has nearly all grown back and he seems well, fingers crossed.


Ruby, being a glamourpuss. Or something.

long barni

Barni, all stretched out and debonair.


And Barni gets another one for being an idiot. I didn't see how he got up there - but I had to get him down, the fool.

OK - goodnight!

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beadlizard said...

Since the photos of the cats are working perfectly, can they pose with the yarn? Love Ruby's cheesecake photo -- she's straight out of a 50's Hollywood shot.

I bought some really pretty bright white bamboo blouse fabric for Steph and DD says it feels creepy, "like kleenex" tissue. She'll never spin bamboo after touching the fabric. What do you think causes the aversion? What did you dislike about it?

Very impressed with all you have accomplished! --syl