Monday, July 07, 2008

Bowland Friendship Day

I love these guild gathering days. In our part of the north of England, there are several guilds in reasonable travelling distance of one another, and a habit is forming of one of us hosting a friendship day at some point in the summer.

Invitations go out to the guilds, to a few people selling stuff. Maybe a project is set in motion to show off work done during the year.

bowland friendship day

Then a group within the guild gets together and organises a simple lunch, a raffle, sometimes even silly games - with prizes!

Saturday was Bowland. The DSM and I would have gone anyway, but we were asked to take our wares. Which meant we should have arrived fairly early, but didn't, because someone took us by a very scenic route. Involving a rather deep ford, but we survived it. By the time we had gone around in a circle, stopped to consult the OS map several times, found some extremely charming single track lanes - we were a bit late! Still, they forgave us.

It was a lovely day, despite the rather appalling weather which included a lengthy, rumbling thunderstorm. We got to chat to a lot of people, many old friends, but a few new ones, one of whom only lives just up the hill from me - so hopefully, I see some companionable spinning sessions coming up.

These things though are really hard to photograph, and most of the ones I took are fuzzy, or have caught folk with daft expressions on their faces. So I'm only including this one.

bowland friendship day

Names withheld to protect the innocent........

Yesterday. Now, yesterday, I did manage to get quite a lot of spinning accomplished, until - well. We don't all that often watch much Wimbledon these days, but as it was a somewhat damp day, decided to put the Men's Final on at 2 o'clock. So, with a late start, two rain breaks, and the way the match went, it finally concluded at around 9.15, with the spinning abandoned and two exhausted - spectators.

What. A. Match. That's all I can say.

Photos of yarn soon, maybe.

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Marie said...

Best. Match. Ever.