Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is this it?

Have I finally done it?

Become mutton dressed as lamb, I mean?

butterfly boots

Well, if I have - I DON'T CARE!!!

These are just the coolest boots, or whatever you want to call, them that I have ever seen, and never mind the cost (which was considerable), I had to have them.

I saw them on Sunday when out with the DSM, and he liked them too. Went back today to try them on in peace and quiet and a long skirt. And yes, they fit, are reasonably comfortable and I love them!

But I have been good this afternoon and have been combing fleece of unknown origin to do samples for Friday. Achieved the necessary WPI for UK 4-ply (16-ish) and DK (12-ish) fairly painlessly. Actually, WPI varies pretty much according to the source you are consulting, so I think we are talking ball-park here.

Changing the drive band on the Leicester helped, and some more wiggling of the maidens caused the unpleasant noise to disappear. Conversation on Ravelry with Caecelia, who has had a similar problem in the past, suggests that the alignment of the back maiden is the crucial thing, and she now does not touch hers. I shall try that in future.

And, Ambermoggie, it was that Organic House, and I do agree with your comment. Bit of a shame, really. Still, if you are over this way again, we could get together and give them another chance!

OK, time to treat myself (what?!?) and get back to knitting a little on the lace (allegedly) shawl. With a cup of tea to keep me awake. The beloved kittens have taken to waking up reeaallly early and then bouncing about, with a new game that consists of one of them on the floor at the head of the bed, the other on the mattress adjacent to my ear, and poking and scrabbling at one another through the rails of the headboard..

It's everso restful.


ambermoggie said...

want some where are they from:)))

Spindlers2 said...

Ruby Shoesday, HB

Marie said...

So Wizzard of Oz! I adore them and you have very lucky and stylish feet.

Barbara said...

It's impossible to become mutton these days.
Very chic !

Freyalyn said...

I look forward to seeing these at the weekend.

Leia now always tries to get into bed with me a 5am - first by walking on my hair over the pillow, then patting my right shoulder until space is made for her. Pfft...

diannarubidge said...

What wonderful store sells magic slippers like that? You will be able to dance on the air. Are you bringing them to SOAR? Just for the chance to see you I wish I was signed up to come.