Friday, July 04, 2008

Day off

I've given myself one. Too many nights with less than perfect sleep, too many excitements and other goings on. I feel much better already, having been reading, and re-watching last Saturday's Dr Who episode, as it was obvious that I had missed far too many vital clues to what might happen tomorrow night. While I was at it, watched Dr Who Confidential, and was reminded of the bizarre fact that Davros is also Mike Tucker in The Archers, which thought is enough to make anyone feel exhausted!

Coven last night, during which I did a lot of plain knitting on the being invented as I go jacket. I still think that it will work. Both sides may end up not matching, but hey, that's tres chic. Or something. Lateish back, and I can never settle straight down, so one more reason for a day playing hookey.

I'm about to go spin, but first a cat pic (no, I haven't given them up entirely.)

all four

OK, allow for perspective a bit, but haven't they grown! Which is why Wednesday was a day at the vet for the kittens, having the bits dealt with. I was deathly nervous, having been traumatised as a child when my kitten died after spaying. But neither of them thinks that anything has happened to them. Rubes has the neatest little incision in the middle of her belly, because the vet had forgotten that we had said she wasn't a show cat. So her pretty markings have no risk of being spoiled and we didn't have to pay the extra. And apart from demanding extra cuddles in the middle of the night, Barni is totally unfazed.

Tomorrow is the Bowland Guild Open Day, which for us is going to be a selling (hopefully) event, but should be fun, too. We never get enough time to talk with everyone at Woolfest, nice though it is to see them all, so this will give us a chance to socialise for a bit longer. And hopefully, I won't buy too much - having just bought a fleece via email from someone who goes to the AH class and has sheep. Or rather, in this instance, her daughter, aged twelve, does - some Jacob shearlings, and having been sent a sample I have spoken up for one.

I need to get busy with it, eh? Such a chore!

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