Monday, August 04, 2008


An amazing four years. By which I mean to refer not to the quality, you understand, but to the duration.

Although sometimes it may not seem like it, I still enjoy it. It still keeps me focused, even though that is not always a comfortable thing. (But good for me.)

Although other things can take the time I might have spent blogging, like teaching - and Ravelry.

Or indeed, both.

So I consider I celebrated the blogiversary more than adequately by meeting with a group of ten Ravellers in York to spend an hour or three spindle spinning. Well, we did. The DSM came too, as he is co-teacher if not a Raveller, or only so by proxy.

Such a nice day. Lovely people, all keen to be indoctrinated into the arcane art, plenty of enthusiasm, plenty of good food, super bookcases to take sneaky peeks at, and gorgeous cats to assist us in pretty much everything. Just what could be better than that? Absolutely nothing, I tell you.

York Ravellers spindling

A yarn sculpture

Can I has spindle?

There are a few others on Flickr, click on any photo here to access.

Whilst I may have needed two large mugs of coffee to get me going today, yesterday has energised me - there is so much going on in the fibre world at the moment that it is hard not to feel energy.

Mine is going to be fairly narrowly channelled for a while, though. I have pledged to spin mindfully for peace for the duration of the Olympics, in tribute and memory of Ruth Schooley who so untimely died recently. I'm going to spin cotton, something she was passionate about, and I love too. I can't link to this, as it is being done through Ravelry. but I can link to Joy's blog

Joy, Lena and Nyondo live the greater part of the year in a village in the Himalayas that is home to many Tibetan refugees (that's one hell of a precis; read the blog for the fuller story!) I met them, and Ruth, some years ago in San Francisco, so I know they are real and not some figment of the imagination of the internet. People can donate a very little money and know that it will be used to very best advantage. If they wish - no compulsion, from anyone! I'm just sayin', as a way of celebrating Ruth, and my bogiversary, in one swell foop.

Gad, the caffeine is getting to me, eh, what?

The other thing I want to be getting on with is spinning the yarns for knitting the samples for next summer's course. I thought it would make good travel knitting for when we head off for the States in just over eight weeks. (Me? Excited? Anticipatory? Moi? Noooooooo.......) And unless it is simply the caffeine, my head is starting to buzz over that - so many ideas, and only a week to fit them all in to. Aaaargh!

But I am not going to neglect the Meadow Flowers (hope I've got that right) shawl, which is really growing very nicely. I'd like to finish it in time for SOAR if I can. Not that it is such a great piece of work, but it does represent a considerable milestone for me.

Of course, I have to decide what colour to dye it.....


Marcy said...

Happy Blogiversary, Carol! And many mooooooooore!

Dorothy said...

So is your blog a Leo, same as you? Happy Blogiversary from another blogging Leo WSD and cat lover, and many happy returns!

Barbara said...

Congratulations Carol and Blog. May you have many more interesting and happy years together.
Best Wishes and Love