Sunday, August 17, 2008



Friday, the sun shone, it was warm, and dry.

I went out for a walk.

summer bank

summer river

Ruby liked it, too.

roo resting

She'm grown a bit!


Saturday was Guild, and our annual dyeing day organised by Freyalyn. I was idle, in that I didn't dye, but I did spin a lot. They had fun!

dye day

Two Ravellers here, and there were another three present, myself included. Ravelry really is taking over the world!

Anyway, fun was had.


And by those who didn't dye as well.


I have been following my usual pursuits, and have added another. I suddenly had an irresistible compulsion to crochet the singles from the batts I bought at Woolfest. As I have been drooling over a Norah Gaughan book, I decided to experiment with circles, to be joined together only where each touches the other (I am sure that there is a technical term for that, but have forgotten most of my geography, so.....) If it works, I'll report back.

I continue with my mindful cotton spinning, which is proving to be a most useful lesson in patience, peace and calm, just what it is supposed to be. The cotton doesn't draft easily, and I get a lot of help. When it goes well, I enjoy it and feel good. So, it works!

Other than that - we have finally a hotel booked in NYC, and a vehicle for the rest of the trip after that. Booking at the Met opens today, so that should get done soon, too. It's getting closer, and we are nearly organised.

O goody!

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beadlizard said...

Love the photo of Freyalynn. Catten is ever so beautiful, too. Have you tried hydrating your cotton? --syl