Friday, June 20, 2008

There will now be a short pause......

Because we are off to Cockermouth tomorrow morning.

And yes, I have been somewhat silent recently, mostly due to the aforementioned trip to Cockermouth which will culminate in - ta da - Woolfest. We have been cataloguing, spreadsheeting, pricing, and generally organising, which has left scant time for fibring and even less for blogging.

Still, it is nearly all done. My clothes are not yet actually in a suitcase, but are all rolled up on the bed. I have had my usual wrangle with myself over shoes, and have reduced it to Ecco walking sandals, Keens, and two pairs of Crocs. We are only likely to have one semi-semi-posh evening, ie a rather nice local restaurant, and if they ignore the glory that is above and ban me because I am wearing any of the (again) aforementioned footwear, well, phhhhtt. Or something.

My first job tomorrow morning is to take the felines to the cattery. Max and Neelix are old hands; for the kits, it is their first visit to Prison. But as laid back, happy Snowshoes, they will take it in their stride, I am sure. Will I? Ahem.

Our aim is to get to Kendal by lunchtime, and to break there to visit a Cat Show. I have promised faithfully that I will not buy any kittens. I have not promised that I will not buy any cat toys or accoutrements. There might be some really spiffy things. yes, there might. That they need. Not that I want to spend too much, in the vain hope that I will actually this time get some small chance of having a good wander around the show.

Anyway, only a short hop then, relatively speaking. And a few days of peace and quiet and gentle trippering before the Big Do. Which I am very much looking forward to. So - until later. I need to finish off the packing.

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beadlizard said...

It sounds like a wonderful adventure, well, except for the kittens. Who knows, maybe they'll LIKE prison???

Good luck and safe travels!