Friday, June 06, 2008

In which we discover what kittens do in the night-time

So, after the initial integration process was completed, the snowshoes were permitted to sleep on the bed with the siamese. The first night or two, they were ejected fairly swiftly for bad behaviour (one on each of our pillows batting at the wooden acorn on the light-pull, that banged so nicely on the wall behind us, that didn't go down too well, for instance.) But they learned quickly, and soon became part of the peaceful gang.

And then, we noticed that they were not joining us, first one night, then another, and another. Us human beings were somewhat puzzled.

From time to time, one of us who go down to the kitchen to see what was up - there were no sounds to be heard, a bit ominous, we thought, but they were not actually doing anything. Just sittin'. We knew they were strange, but this had us decidedly confused. Which was pretty dumb of us.

Because, a couple of mornings ago, the DSM got up as usual, fed them, turned around to put something in the bin. And there was a dead mouse on the floor. At five-and-a-half-months, one of the babies had caught its first mouse! Pride! We surmise Ruby, as the slightly smarter of the two - we have visions though of Barni body-slamming the startled rodent to the ground, that would be his style, but she is very quick, and very pawstrous. But, hey, how useful of them - we don't want the mice that we know have to be around, living as we do backed into the hillside, to have the total run of the kitchen, and we know that must have been where it met its end as the elder statesmen rarely go out at night any more.

Clever little buggers......

Otherwise, yes, I've been a bit silent. I've been gadding rather more than usual, and had a certain amount of Real Life getting in the way. Mostly, other peoples'. So, fibre activity has been fairly minimal (aargh) and involving rather a lot of frogging. My blue/green socks from handspun had to go, I definitely wasn't going to have enough of one sort, and to add the other in will work but only if done in alternate rounds. That, I think, will actually look quite good. The darker blue/green silk scarf bit the dust yet again - I can't suss out what isn't working out - the yarn is nice, just what I intended when I spun it, soft, reasonably well spun, not apparently overtwisted - but thus far, nothing has looked good. I rather fear that a proper lace pattern may have to be used.

I've finished the Chasing Rainbows merino and silk - not yet skeined, photo will follow when that has happened. And I have very nearly finished plying the Bonkers merino and bamboo, which I have very much liked spinning - it will be interesting to see what it is like of the bobbin.

I have been tempted by a new project, using some commercial yarn a friend destashed on to me, and some handspun. Based on a photo I saw in an advert, so no instructions. Just stocking stitch, but an all in one side to side construction, which I haven't attempted before. Do I hear the words disaster and recipe for in some combination here?

Mind you, I was very glad to have it with me at the cinema last night. The DSM wanted to see the latest Mike Leigh, "Happy go Lucky". I was less sure, and I was right. Irritating and superficial (please feel free to argue....) so the knitting that could be done in the dark was invaluable.

Now, we are in the final run-up to Woolfest. And I am biting my fingernails, as a good half of what should be our stock has yet to arrive. Which not only would make us look a bit silly standing at a half-empty stall, but means I can't get on with the signage, as we don't know the final prices.

Ah, well, it will or it won't. We will have a pleasant few days, come what may. C'est la vie. Or summat.

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Dorothy said...

Clever kittens! Sounds like there's been some team work in catching that first mouse.