Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sometimes it pays to moan and whinge

Because after writing here about how so little had arrived for Woolfest, the Post Office, in whichever incarnation, had a sudden rush of blood to the head and everything that could be expected has either arrived or will do so tomorrow!

Well, yippee! (Now the work begins......)

There is one package outstanding, but that is an extra, and may or may not get here in time. That is not a problem.

The box that arrived today is the Greensleeves spindles, and at a first glance they are a cracking good batch, some really pretty woods and none too heavy. I am looking forward to road testing them.

The weather has deteriorated a bit, but is still dry and windy, so I dragged out another fleece to wash. I am quite enthused about this, and about spinning fleece for the first time in....yonks, to use the technical term. This time, a Whitefaced Woodland. Seemed, out of the bag, rather nice, and indeed, it is. But.

This is a fuzzy photograph, but shows the problem clearly enough.

canary stain

Canary stain.

Do you know, I have never had a fleece with this before, but it is instantly recognisable when you are looking at a section of washed fleece. It is hard to see in the grease, it lurks inside, and the colour, so clear when washed, is obscured in the greasy state.

Fortunately, not all of the fleece is affected, so I will have a usable amount left even if I do decide to discard the relevant bits, which I think I probably will. I haven't tested the strength of the locks yet, one factor, but I may well want to dye this, and canary stain gives a different dye take-up, or so I believe.

Anyway, it is all part of the learning curve.

OK, so let's have another whinge and see if the charm works twice. Whilst all the rest of the world seems to have had their SOAR conformation emails, we haven't. I have only one word to say.


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beadlizard said...

I've had no trouble dyeing canary [if there isn't a break line]. Just choose a colourway where the warm gold isn't an issue and don't fret about even take-up. I've done some especially nice greens on canary-stained wool.