Monday, October 29, 2007

Further to.....

I was a bit mingy with the details on the shawl. In my defence, I was rushing to put up a post whilst the DSM and my sister were out having a walk. I didn't go, partly because I was feeling bone idle and still rather tired, but also because I am never all that keen on walking in the Crags on a Sunday. (Is that convincing enough?)

Anyhow - the shawl is, I am amazed to find as I had completely forgotten, from a pattern on Magknits. The first one of the three at that link. I had lost my printed version of the pattern by the end, and had forgotten that it was meant to be an i-cord cast off. I did a picot cast-off, which is perhaps a bit frilly, but was fun to do. This entire thing, remember, was always intended to be a major learning experience. It is definitely for most of you out there very easy, but wasn't for me. But I did in the end crack it, rather like it, and I think I will adapt it for a scarf at some point.

The fibre was a somewhat motley collection of 50/50 merino and tencel from Traci Bunkers. Beautiful stuff, very nice to spin, and the handle of the finished fabric is really good. I didn't, as I have moaned before, make that brilliant a job of spinning it both in terms of how I randomly muddled the colours and then drastically underplying it. I could, and did, remedy the latter fault to some extent, and can only hope that it doesn't all come out in the wash!

So - I shall use merino and tencel for similar projects in the future, and I will try lace knitting again . In fact, I have lined up a couple to take away on holiday with me. Plus socks, of course.

We leave early on Thursday morning, and I may very well not have anything at all blogworthy (quiet at the back, there....) before then. Or I might, who knows. but I am taking my laptop as we have been told there should be intermittent internet access (I am assuming that it may depend on where the boat is in the steep-sided fjords, but what do I know?) If so, I shall enjoying doing the roving reporter bit.

If nothing else, though, I am looking forward to quiet hours with my iPod and knitting, a mug of steaming hot chocolate at my elbow (and the occasional glass of aquavit?) and at the least some beautiful scenery through the mists for a few hours a day.


spinning maid said...

The shawl is really beautiful - I love the colours. I didn't see those in your Bonkers collection (I bought some 'emerald forest' from you at Woolfest) - what are they called?
Have a wonderful holiday - I am rather envious, a cruise among fjords is definitely my kind of holiday.

Janet said...

If you get a chance, put down the knitting, and hop off that ship and find a local store to check out the yarn and pattern supplies.

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Hi Carol
I was looking for your email but I can't find it.
We have just discovered that 'pets allowed' in actual fact doesn't really mean that. SO despite having had the cats vaccinated against rabies etc we are not going to be able to take them with us.
Do you know of anyone who would be able to give out 2 Siamese girls a really loving home?
We are looking at a couple of options here, but I don't think they are going to be suitable.