Saturday, October 06, 2007


At Coven on Thursday nights, we always have tea and cake. This week was no different.

I was drinking my tea, minding my own business. Getting towards the bottom of the cup, I took a swig and was putting it back down on the table. My brain registered ....something which I thought was a large crack. Oh, dear, I thought. M has a large crack in this mug. Picked it up, took another swallow, was putting it down again half checking on the supposed crack.

Brain synapses fired off in all directions. Crack-notcrack. Unimaginableunbearablethought.

Very bravely, I bring the mug up again and.....look.

Silent scream.

In a quiet, restrained shriek, I ask Magrat to look at what might be in the bottom of the mug and tell me it isn't what I think it is.

Magrat exits the room with a yell and a flurry. I was right. I feel more than a little queasy.

It WAS a spider.

Poor M, who had poured the tea, was mortified, and indeed telephoned me first thing on Friday morning to make sure I hadn't had a nightmare-filled night. Fortunately not, and I can see the funny side.

So I go off with MofF&M for a day out at the Fashion and Embroidery Show, which was very good. I spent some money, quite judiciously. Bumped into and chatted with more people that I would ever have imagined possible and really enjoyed catching up with all sorts of friends. Excellent stuff.

Pleasant morning today running errands in town with the DSM, we had lunch sitting in the sunshine, and a small glass of dry white wine is making me sleepy. So I shall knit in a calm and reflective manner, possibly with sound effects, whilst he watches the rugby.

They do reckon fortune tellers only tell you the good stuff.


JudyMac said...

I really mustn't laugh, it could happen to anyone!
A spider in the tealeaves, means good fortune, and a chance to make some money.

beadlizard said...

When the wind blows especially hard here, the spiders descend from the eaves and we find them everywhere, plus the tree spiders (big dark aggressive things, some toxic) come in the windows and stalk. DH happily goes around with tissues, scooping them up and chatting with them as he escorts them all back outside. [See, there *is* a reason to keep him!] --syl