Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Joy of Sox

I'm not going to apologise for that, I like the phrase far to much.

I finally have a finished pair!

LL socks

I had heard people raving all over the place about Lorna's Laces sock yarn, and it is ok but that is all. There are others I like better. But I have tried it and am satisfied with that.

I wandered in to my LYS. It isn't brilliant, but tries and I feel I should encourage them as much as I can, which isn't much because of spinning my own yarn most of the time. But I had heard rumours of a Jitterbug sighting. And there was some. Not too much - this is one of the troubles with the shop, they don't carry a good range of anything other than perhaps Kid Silk Haze which is THE in-yarn at the moment (I think?)

But I bought two skeins, and added it to the stash - which is partially pictured here:

sock yarns

The screaming fluorescent lime green to the left is one of the Jitterbugs, the other is just visible underneath, a much more discreet blue/purple mix.

I also asked about Pony Pearl dpns. I am tired of breaking bamboo or birch ones, even though those are the nicest to knit with. Thought I would try something else before reverting to metal. But the owner didn't think they made them. Sigh. o I came home and ordered them from Pstternworks. Sigh again.

OK. I have ironed. I shall spin.


April said...

hehehehe I liked the title too. Thought of naming a blog that, but imagine the poor misled people who would end up on at a knitting and spinning blog, thinking they were headed somewhere else? lol

ra said...

It's all very well being expected to support your local yarn store, but when the store in question is rubbish what are you to do???

spinningmaid said...

Laughing again at your blog - thank you. Such a familiar story, like deja vue from my trips to various local yarn shops. However, today I visited Texere yarns in Bradford (first time ever). I actually cried at the utter luxury of all that choice!
I have now, as considered earlier, indeed started a blog. Perhaps you'd like to visit:
After all, tis yourself who inspired it. Thank you.
Ann (Bradford Guild)

spinndiva said...

love the socks and think the phrase is awesome!
Spin from ravelry