Wednesday, October 17, 2007

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Because I simply cannot think of an appropriate title today.

What do I want to say? A little of this, a little of that. I want to say that the sun is shining! Without a shadow of a doubt, I feel a bazillion times better, more cheerful more energised, when the old currant bun puts in an appearance. So I have today cleaned, done a few essential chores on the computer (as well as inessential ones, of reading all the emails and blogs from those lucky enough to be returning from SOAR, and there are still more reports due.)

And finished these:

red mittens

Chunky and cushy, with room for thinner ones inside should it be that cold. Although it may not be - I have been researching the current conditions in Norway and although colder than here, it is not below freezing except by a degree or so overnight, and there is little snow. Damn. Hope that changes over the next two or three weeks!

I came across this mouth-watering selection on the kitchen table. The DSM's long-term project is finally completed, and they looked so mouth-watering I attempted to photograph them. But, obviously, not very well. There is a pattern in "Knitters Stash" that he is going to look at to see if it will work out, something to keep him happily occupied on holiday.

Sir's yarns

Having finished mitts and socks, I am going to make a small inroad into the sock yarn mountain. Which I added to in a small way on Saturday, when we went to York. I finally got to visit Sheepish, but it was a bit of a disappointment. Some quite nice stuff, and the people on duty were very friendly, but it wasn't outstanding. I got a couple of socks worth of Regia, to show willing (ahem) one in the bamboo range which does seem nice. Anyway, I think it may finally be Jaywalker time. Nothing like coming crawling in at the rear as usual.

Apart from that, the same spinning projects. I'm putting in some good time on those, to the accompaniment of Georgette Heyer's "A Civil Contract", always a favourite of mine, and this version is beautifully read by Phillida Law. Her voice is perfect, even for the men.

One final thing.

pile 'o sticks2

The pile of sticks is no longer so, but is not yet completely fettled.

Getting exciting, though!


Marie said...

Loom details, please!
Mittens are sweet as is Pete's spun yarn. You two are certainly productive.

Freyalyn said...

Is the Georgette Heyer on mp3 or CD? Could I borrow??

Loom updates tonight, please.

Ruth said...

Don't feel late to the Jaywalker party! I'm about to cast on too. Maybe. Got the yarn, got the needles. Just need gumption.