Sunday, October 07, 2007

When I'm cleaning windows

Well. not me, of course.

MaryG told me on Friday that I hadn't said much on the blog lately about how the DSM was doing. So - up and down, but that is pretty much all his head. Physically, he is doing just great.

There I was, peacefully buzzing about on Ravelry (I'm CarolL, now there's a surprise), when there was a clattering over my head and this appeared. So, especially on the off chance that someone at SOAR might log on, here is the latest photo of the ol' fella.

When I'm cleaning windows

Looking pretty chipper, eh?


Barbara said...

Looks great. Worth all that TLC lavished upon him. Please send him round.

m said...

Well, that answered my query.
It was so good to have a bit of time to chat at the show on Friday.
That was also the first time I had sat down properly since I arrived some 5 1/2 hours earlier!
I had been sitting on the floor teaching some teenagers to knit, but that wasn't at all relaxing.

kim said...

On Thursday night, at the big 25th anniversary SOAR party, they had all of the photo albums back through the years and Phreadde and I spotted one of Pete from about 10 years back, give or take. I had to stop and breathe - missed you both so much. But I gotta say, Pete's grin hasn't changed an iota; there might be a bit more white in the beard (or that might be soap bubbles, I can support that theory), but the absolute joy in Pete's grin that is so contagious hasn't changed at all. Hugs!