Saturday, October 27, 2007

Swimming through the fog

Such a bad blogger I am, this week. What can I say? I have been out a lot.

Monday is washing day (oh, how boring....) Bits and pieces of other things.

Tuesday, day out with a friend. We were meant to be going to Lancaster, but decided it was perhaps too far for the way we were feeling, so went to Clitheroe instead. There is a very nice Gallery in Clitheroe and we visited the current exhibition. There were a lot of pieces that I liked very much, but I found myself pondering on and being faintly disquieted by the fact that not only was all the design computer created, but much of the actual work was likewise. How far does this have to go before you are past craft and into industrial process? At this point, I don't know and have no pronouncements to make, but it needs thought. Anyway, interesting and a grand day out (again) with the sun shining on the autumn trees and just sufficient crispness in the air.

Wednesday, the DSM was working at home, and we had our brand spanking new pc delivered and installed. The flat sceen monitor is so Bright I fear I may need sunglasses to use it if I can't find a way of lowering the brightness.

(Hey, it's the Saturday before the 5th and there are cannons going off all around of a sudden, most disconcerting! Which makes me realise that we shall be away next weekend and we shall miss the main explosive episodes. Thinks.... how to persuade the DSM that we need to be away for New Year as well......)

I digress. Thursday, the greater part of the Coven took itself off to Leeds to see Alan Bennett's "The History Boys" at the Grand. Well worth the effort. Terrific play and very well performed. Managed to handle, in quintessential Bennett style an excellent blend of pathos and humour. Well, he would, wouldn't he?

And then Friday was the AH class, which I thoroughly enjoyed and can only hope the rest of them did. Spinning proper for once, nice for me. Three relatively inexperienced attendees made breakthoughs and really good progress, and several nice meaty questions. Most satisfying. We are booked through to next September and I have decided to revamp the programme to take us right through. And intend putting in lots more spinning! Something to work on whilst on holiday (not).

Last night, I was really tired, and in fact too tired to sleep easily, so was wandering around at 2am getting drinks and hotties and so on. Made the big mistake of shutting the cats out of the room, so they then proceeded to play chasing games up and down the stairs (I had thought they were past that at their advanced age...). Still it gives one good reason for enjoying the clock change - a chance to catch up a bit. Otherwise I hate the process, dammit.

Before we go, I should have some pics of things various and likewise various words of wisdom. Just in case I can't get an internet connection whilst away.

Hope I can, otherwise it will take me forever to catch up when we get back!

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