Thursday, November 08, 2007

At last!

Finally, more than halfway through the trip, here I am at a computer I can work - my own - and feeling compost mentis enough to do something with it.

And this is where the story really starts....

Day One.

At sea.

Bleeerrgh. And other onomatopoeic sounds.

Repeat ad nauseam (sic) (sorry) for three days.

Oh dear, got that one wrong, didn't I?

Howsomedever, it ain't all gloom and doom. I'm not going to do a real entry tonight, I don't have a lot of computer time left and it is getting late, and we have an early start tomorrow. I haven' as yet uploaded any photos to flickr, either.

Having started with a whimper, not only the aforementioned but also missing a pod of orcas off the port bow whilst chained to the bathroom, we have had some triumphs - a sea eagle, and the Aurora twice! More of that at a later date.

We have also had quite a lot of snow, which has made the short Arctic daylight hours magical, particularly at sunset.

The boat is great, very comfortable and interesting; nice friendly crew and excellent food. What's not to like? Weeell.......sailor I never ever shall be, I'm afraid. but I wouldn't have missed it.

Lots to show and tell when I get back.


Marie said...

Oh my, feel better soon. I know with me, if the water is too calm it's bad (burp), and if rough, I feel great! Go figure. I doubt you got too much knitting done if feeling poorly. I'm sorry!

spinning maid said...

Good to hear from you on your travels. Still green (envy, not seasickness).