Friday, November 30, 2007

Another day nearer to Christmas

So I should be panicking? I'm not. Very little Christmas knitting. Very little Christmas baking (I learned many years ago that Betty's or the Village Bakery does most of it much better than I ever could.) I shall make the Traditional Nut Roast, and Traditional Veggie Sausage Rolls. The mince pies (aka doorstops) are already done because my mother requested some - we are off to York tomorrow to visit, so I did the entire batch.

And after visiting the mater, we shall go knock off the greater part of the shopping. Actually, I rather enjoy Christmas shopping, the DSM and I potter around amicably, usually manage both a nice lunch somewhere, and tea at Betty's, and then roll home to a bottle of something red, feeling virtuous.

So, progress? No photographs. I haven't, this week, done anything very much to be worth recording. Up until today, I had been considering the notion of moving into a care home, or somesuch, as I was still feeling so seedy. Now I am reasonably confident that I am going to live, and live large. Funny how that can happen overnight. It has been a policy of one teeny step at a time, which felt pretty feeble, but does seem to have worked. So not only is the house not as grubby as it was, but the ironing has been reduced to a manageable hillock instead of a mountain, and I have knitted a little bit every day too. Not much spinning - I am about to go finish off the Whitefaced Woodland.

Oh, the chaos is out there, just out of my range of vision, ready to sweep down and overwhelm me if given the proverbial inch. But at the moment, it is held in check. Lights will help - apart from yesterday, it has been a really dark, dank week, enough to give anyone a fit of the glooms. So I need to switch on lights and light up candles. Actually, I need a new set of lights - I try to buy some about every other year to feed my passion for the fairy lights which go up for Christmas and then somehow never come down again. Three sets worth at present, two in the sitting room and one in the dining room at the last count. It'll take more, I tell you.....

On a slightly saner note, it looks as if we have another workshop to add to the list for next year. Which will make five if the unconfirmed one ever gets back to me. Wow. Good job we enjoy doing them! This means, of course, that the professional compartment of my life needs some serious attention. I see a New years resolution shaping up.......

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