Monday, December 03, 2007

Another moan about the weather

Only a quick one. But you know it must be bad when all the weather forecasters keep on saying how awful it is.

And to prove it....

farmers market

This was the scene at our local farmers' market yesterday morning (it is actually even worse now.) Now, our farmers' market is far from the world's best. but we have in previous years been able to get Christmas trees there. So off we trotted in the rain, and found to our great delight that once again we could rent a tree for no more than it would cost us to buy one from the nearest Garden Centre. And then I found that one of the regular attenders, who deals in garden plants, and is local, had some rather nice evergreen door wreaths, so we ordered one of those as well. If it wasn't such ghastly weather, I might even be starting to feel a little bit festive.

It was a much nicer experience than sometimes, though - the good and fairly local veggie stall was there, with some nice stuff, and they will be back the weekend before Christmas. So I will be able to get everything either from the organic veg shop in town, or from the market. What is more, there were two local bread and baked goods stall as well, so things are maybe looking up.

We are very nearly organised presentwise after our trip to York on Saturday, hellish though it was. But I am going to have to do a run through to Ilkley to finish off - we simply couldn't face the queue at Betty's. Not that that is a hardship - it won't be as busy during the week, and I always like the atmosphere over there.

Speaking of feeling festive, I realised yesterday that although I had said no Christmas knitting, there was one quick project that I really ought to do. so I banged it on the needles and dove in, and it is coming on well. Should be no problems finishing before the deadline.

Other than that, the second Jaywalker grew apace whilst talking to the mater and then recovering in the evening afterwards. I didn't quite finish the whitefaced woodland roving, but it is nearly there.

whitefaced woodland

I am really pleased at how this has come out - it was a pleasure to spin, but the yarn is lovely, spun point of contact with a fairly low twist. I know I want it to be quite hard wearing for mittens, but I also want it cushy and warm. I'll compensate with the gauge somewhat, when I actually get around to knitting. First, I have to decide what colour or colours I want to dye it. That can wait awhile.

OK, washing to sort out. Monday is, and all that. Praise be for tumble dryers, global warming or no.

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