Saturday, December 08, 2007

And the rain it raineth every day

But sometimes it just doesn't seem to matter.

Even when in attempting to include a photograph in a blog entry, the camera battery whimpers and faints, and the spare one has been put in a safe place and so cannot be found. So it will have to wait until either number 2 turns up, or number 1 recharges.

Why the joie de vivre? Post, that's what. Two little packages.

One contained my hat from the Sheep Thrills hat swap, a delightful pink and green stranded knitting pillbox, just my style. Grateful thanks!

The other. Well, I suppose I shouldn't cover the two things in one entry, I in no way want to detract from my lovely hat, but I - we - are feeling somewhat at a loss for words about this. I mean, obviously not - just that the words will be inadequate.

Interweave included a lap-cover in the 25th anniversary goodies available at SOAR this year. Now, spindles and mugs had already found their way to us from a dear friend. But in the post today is a package from Interweave, sending us one of the lap-covers. Signed and with messages from literally dozens of friends.

I am sitting here feeling decidedly emotional and completely unable to find the way to express what we feel. So - thank you, those of you who were involved in this. We truly appreciate such a loving gesture. It has brought a warmth and light to a dank day at the dark of the year. I wish I could hug you all.

And - there is a little more. someone has just given us some useful information about getting affordable travel insurance for the DSM! So, who knows, next year, maybe we can give the hugs in person.

Meanwhile, just......

Thank you.

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Marie said...

Oh Carol! Isn't it wonderful to realize how much you are loved and missed?!? What wonderful, thoughtful friends you have. I do hope you two can make it next year. I hope to attend, since it's literally in my back yard. It would make my second SOAR and the second time I get to see you and DSM.