Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On the up

soar lapcover

The SOAR lapcover. Now a treasured possession.

sheep thrills hat exchange hat

The Sheep Thrills hat exchange hat. Very cool. Or rather, not. Of course. Toasty warm in fact.

Which in view of our present weather is no bad thing. This is Day 3 of dry, bright, frosty weather. Could I be more pleased? Not a lot.

Morning of Day 1, the power was off. Despite the cold, there were compensations. Young men swinging through the trees with chain saws again. And as if that wasn't enough, they were there to clear growth away from power lines, and in so doing they have reopened our view down the valley quite a bit.

view from the window

Sorry about the blurry photo, this is through the bedroom window. But, see! Sunshine! The white stuff isn't snow, it is hoar frost. We haven't had much of that over the last few years, so that is a real pleasure, too. Same the next day, and today, although not sunny today, just bright. Still good though.

As I result, I have felt much more energised. Sadly, this hasn't really translated itself into craft activity, but I am getting some housework done before Christmas hits. I have finished spinning the AF batts (not the Batt Club ones, still no sign of those, sadly). I have to say, doesn't look as if I did all that good a job, but maybe it will not be too bad when washed and beaten in to submission.

I have done this:

new beady thing

Now framed and ready to be given as a small wedding gift to someone I don't know all that well, and whose taste I am unsure of. At least I have taken the time to make something - which she will appreciate - and it could look good hanging in the downstairs loo!


kim said...

And you always need something to go on the wall in the downstairs loo!

Leigh said...

I love the hat! My favorite colors. I also like the beaded piece. A great gift!