Monday, December 31, 2007

The last post of the year

There has been an echoing silence from me for the last few days. Blame that on a lovely quiet Christmas holiday, but mainly on the second cold. This has occasionally happened to me in the past, that I get a series of the little buggers. Generally when I have had a few stressors to contend with, and then my immune system takes a nose-dive....but it's all too boring, I'm fed up with it, and hope that the slow return of the light and the promise of the things to come will help restore equilibrium.

I have to confess that not a great deal of fibre stuff has gone on recently. Courtesy of the same reasons plus a liberal application of heavy dark grey skies so that it hasn't got really light all day. Definitely not conducive to arty-crafty activity.

But with a bit of luck, it won't be many more days before we notice the day gently and gradually reaching outward, lengthening. That will be good.

So, firstly, and finally, a photo of the completed Jaywalkers.


I think it speaks volumes when I say that I do not as yet have another pair of socks on the needles. I have found a pattern, and I do, of course have sock yarn. No more excuses! I'll cast on tonight. (Sometimes motivation just simply has to be a self-administered kick up the backside.)

Then there is this.

cashmere scarf

All wavy and wiggly as it is. Hasn't been blocked. And that because I am going to dye it. Plus the fingerless mitts, one of which is cast off but not yet finished, the other cast on. (So I have been doing something.) Warm? You could cook a hot pot in these. I have no clue when I shall ever wear them, except maybe once or twice a year during the cold snaps.

I have been spinning a little, too, and enjoying it mightily. but I need a Project. Spinning-wise, I mean, and knitting. Although I have some quite interesting yarns sufficient for a largeish project all ready to go, or nearly so. Another kick coming up.

I am not, at this point, going to philosophise, rant or anything like that. (I might just, later, if the cannon fusillade happens again.) We have friends coming over for a by now ritual New Year's Day meal, and I have a bit of preparation to do - sweet potatoes, red peppers and onions are roasting in the oven for soup as we speak, the smell is tantalising. There is a pizza and mulled wine to be done for supper.

So I just want to wish us all a very happy New Year. It would be nice to think that in all sorts of ways it could be a more peaceful one, one that is more creative than destructive, more stable than knife-edge. This year, I have no "resolutions" formulated at all, other than to aim to be more what I want to be than what I think I should be. Clear as mud, eh?

All the best, what?


Marie said...

And a very Happy New Year to you and DSM! Feel well and have a year of personal peace.

fibergal said...

Save up to get to SOAR this year. You were so missed. We are winging good wishes your way.

Dan is knitting (finally) and obsessed with it. For the new year's celebration, we have a special set of old Fred Astaire movies with champagne and knitting. It may not be for everyone, but we are having a ball. Thinking of you both and wishing you well.

Barbara Blundell's Blog said...

Thanks ,Carol. Happy New Year to you both.
Hope that you have seen off the last of the colds and are soon raring to go again !

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Wishing you both a happy and healthy year ahead.

Random Knitter said...

Happy New Year to you both