Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A bit of hall-decking and ho ho hoing going on

And precious little fibre activity. Other than some therapeutic knitting and spinning.

Some of which took place at the Guild Christmas meeting on Saturday, a lovely day. We just spin and chat and exchange gifts in a "Secret Santa", not organised but one parcel per person piled up in the middle of the circle from which we all take one. It did occur to me this time that possibly one could simply remove the package brought and that way get something wanted, but it would probably be a bit tricky to guarantee. And by and large we do pretty well.

A funny thing. There has been a bag of fibre following us around the country, a gift from a SOAR friend, handed over to another who thinking she wasn't going to see us gave it to someone else.....and we finally had it put into our hands on Saturday. Out came some gorgeous dyed wool/silk mix, shades of green and teal and purple. "Oh, lovely" I said. "Very like the fibre I am spinning right here and now, bought of eBay a while back" Picking up aforementioned, and waving it at the assembled company, before stuttering to a complete standstill. Like? Like?? It was identical. A mildly interesting conundrum, as the gift came from a vendor who does not have, as far as I know, any outlets over here. Or maybe she does........ Sweeet.

Moving on - we had the "wedding" party to go to that evening. Another very nice event. The bride, bless her, wore her wedding gown, all train and corset bodice, and looked charming and very happy. Good to share in something like that.

The bedecking began on Sunday, after a trip to the Farmers' Market to pick up the wreath for the door, but not get veggies as they are back next weekend, goody. We rescued the tree from the cat (sorry, didn't have the camera handy, as he looked very evil peering out from between the unornamented branches.) Covered it with the usual stuff, hung a few thing around and about. We have more to put up, but ran out of oomph. Tomorrow, tomorrow. After the DSM has done some work at home, and we have been over to Ilkley to get the Betty's necessaries.

Today was the Book Group Christmas/Yule/Solstice/Midwinter knees-up. Most of us were driving, so didn't have wine (note to self - see if that can be altered next year, even though it is a mile and a half steep pull up home....) Reasonable food, excellent company. Nineteen of us crammed in to one not very large room.

I came back, and made a pan of soup for supper, and then finished the veggie sausage rolls and mince pies - such industry! The pastry worked out better this time, much to my amazement. I'm not making anything else in advance, no room in the freezer for one thing, not really necessary for another. We'll do the usual nut roast (more or less the only time we ever have one, and it is a humdinger, two different nut layers and a mushroom one in the middle) on Christmas Eve before we feast on an easily cooked side of salmon.

I need to stop this, I am starting to drool.

Before I go, I can't resist, though I have tried everso hard.....my prediction about the state of the DSM on Friday night was woefully inaccurate. He got of the train hiccupping - and with a silly grin on his face. I force fed him several glasses of water and he was all right by Saturday lunchtime. Although he did confess to me that he had been soundly teased by his co-workers on Monday.

Silly boy.

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