Friday, December 14, 2007

A day to myself

Well, sort of. The DSM has his work Christmas dinner this evening, so I did the 50s wifey thing and drove him down to the station in the frozen dawn to catch a train, and I will pick him up there again at some point this evening. "Honey, I'm on the tra-ain..." Hopefully not too boozy a returnee - likely not, as not his habit these days.

Thank goodness. There are some advantages to growing up/older.

Theoretically, that means I should have had a very profitable day doing my own thing, but the proximity to Christmas has meant pretty much otherwise. I had to do a Post Office run for starters, although it was a real pleasure to go out in the crisp, frosty air.

Then it seemed the golden opportunity to wrap the DSM's pressies and stash those away, and then start on the cards. What do you mean, yours are all done already....this is early for me! Which is why no-one overseas ever gets a card from me, by the way. By the time I start to think about it, the last posting times are but a distant memory.

But I did spend a little time with the -um - is it Meadow Flowers? The shawl from Knitters' Stash, anyway. I am up to all of row 21. It's going to be a long, long haul. But the yarn is lovely, a pleasure to work with. And hey, guess what - at coven last night, I finished the Jaywalkers. All bar the Kitchenering of the toesies, anyway, which I might try to do this evening. I hate doing it - only did it this time because I wanted to do these strictly according to the recipe before starting to tinker with the next pair. Whatever, they look good and I will photograph them when done.

Speaking of photographs. I am playing around with an outline and a proposal for a new workshop. Spin to Knit. Having decided that this was A Plan, I then found that some others had also come up with the Same Plan, but too bad. All completely independent, and we will each bring our own inimitable charms to the subject. Anyway, I spent some time this morning taking and "editing" photographs to go along with. It's too much fun, that, terribly time consuming.


So there's socks.


And a detail of my latest shawl.

purple cable sweater_phixr

And some of the DSM's nice cable work - the colour variation in this is in the yarn, by the way. It is one of Rovings colourways, one of the "Autumn Garden" incarnations.

But I'm going cross-eyed now, what with lace and the computer. So - feed the mogs, feed me with a nice bowl of wholemeal pasta and veggies, and then tidy up some loose ends spinning-wise. We found last night that we can get more Freeview channels now - maybe because the leaves are all off the trees, and I'm not joking. Anyway, one of them has an epi of Deep Space Nine, and I'm going to treat myself to that. I need a rest - tomorrow is the Guild Christmas meeting and we have, amazingly, a party to go to tomorrow evening. I think I've forgotten what to do at such, it is so long since we've been to one!

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Leigh said...

WOW! Ya'll's knitting is fantastic and I love those colors. Good job on the photo editing!