Tuesday, August 29, 2006

We return to normal.

Or what passes for it around here.

The DSM went back to work this morning, seemingly resigned. He had been feeling quite reasonable for most of the time he was off, but I think was getting a bit frustrated by having to be a little "careful" with me around watching, so probably glad to draw a line under things. Still, he has knocked off a few chore-type things whilst he has been at home, including making a start on a website (don't hold your breath for future development) and more importantly, organising builders to come and look at our crumbling roof.

Oh dear. It's going to be expensive. Very. But essential, if we want to stay dry and preserve our equity, so we have to bite the bullet. Let us pass rapidly on, until the merry day when the work begins and I start moaning about the noise, the mess, whatever. One possible bright note, we may well be able to have a velux window put into the roof above the workroom, which will be nice. Fingers crossed all round.

Meanwhile, we have had another short trip down south, revisiting old friends and even older haunts - his, anyway. This is a continuing theme, I think it must be the age we are all at.

We went to have a look at his old home in Beaconsfield. Very nice, for suburbia. I did take a photo, risking the owners calling the police thinking I was casing the joint, but of no interest to anyone except the DSM.

I did find another terrific fungus though.

Bracket fungus

How cool is that!

Of the party - I say little or nothing. These were old friends who we were glad to help celebrate, and we had a good time, but there was another and very private to me reason for going which worked out as well as I could have ever hoped, to my bittersweet joy. It probably is not explainable to anyone else, anyway, so the rest is silence.

On the way home, we stopped at Stowe landscape gardens. Apart from the fact that I cannot think of Capability Brown as anything other than Very Stupid Johnson (Pratchettians will get it) - the landscaping is breath-taking. The monuments, temples, follies, etc are....irritating? Disneyland, C18th style? A few images.


Above, the house, which we did not go round. Next, a vista showing amongst other things, the gothic temple, which is amazingly awful.



The lakes were lovely.

Doorway at Stowe

And I just liked this.


This was one of the busts in the "Temple of Worthies", which in itself I found tasteless. But there was scope for some nifty camera angles and so on - I only did a couple, too many people around to take the time to find the best shots, but I like this.

I do bear in mind textile work when I wander around with my camera, and often take photographs of interesting textures, shapes and so on - hence the fungi. These last two fall in to that category.


Tree bark is always appealing. The last reminded me of when we travelled a long section of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, where they are famous for interesting wooden fences - I'll have to see if I can find some of the photographs to scan in, I didn't have a digital camera then.


So, that's me up to date. Now it's nose to the tunisian crochet hook, and on with the ongoings. I have been fiddling around with some of the beads that I was given for my birthday, too. Need to do more. Want to do more.

Want top brick off chimney...........

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