Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I explore Tunisian crochet

Which was a good thing to do, and I did enjoy doing it. I will put some photographs up at some point and talk about it in more detail.

What I really was doing was either sitting by the bedside, or waiting for the return of the DSM. This went on for hours, and eventually I was forced to abandon him to the care of the nurses, and got home at 9.40, knackered after doing nothing all day.

Basically, the actual procedure went just fine, and he had been given the ok to go home - once his bladder had creaked in to action again. Now, normally, this is not something there is ever any problem with, so I was all set to be on our way by around five. Simply didn't happen. Poor old chap.

Anyway, this is apparently not at all unusual, but his telephoned bulletins from the hospital do not yet include a release time. Although other information that it is not seemly to include here.....(he's going to kill me if he ever reads this!)

So as I seem to be more or less awake and will be entirely so after I have been through the shower, I shall toddle off to the bedside again and knit on a sock with crossed fingers for a speedy get-away for both of us.



Midsummer night's knitter said...

Hope everything is fine.

kimd said...

Best wishes to the DSM for a speedy recovery. Minor or not, "proceedures" are a trial.

Hugs to you both