Thursday, August 24, 2006

Damart (yes, Damart) so it is textile related!

Damart, the very famous thermal underwear company. Damart, based a few miles up the road from where I live. I feel like going and paying Damart a visit.....

Can you tell that I am attempting to get the name "Damart" into this post as many times as possible? Perhaps I should even give a link to Damart?

Don't use them, though.

And don't read any further if you can't stand me ranting. You have been warned!

They have been harassing my mama. Now, normally, I'm the one who does that, or vice versa. But really, for a firm who know full well that most of their customers are ladies of more than a certain age, and in her case knew she lived in a care home, they have behaved in an exceedingly crass way. We brought the paperwork home with us yesterday, and we can't understand it - at least, apart from the bit that says threat threat threat pay up. She has responded at every turn, sending letters and copies of cheques and things, to no avail. Now they have sent the debt collecting agency in, she has finally paid up simply to get them off her back, but I said that I would look in to it for her.

O, thankless task.

The surly guy at the Damart call centre said that all the records had been passed to the DCA and that I would need to phone them. I asked to speak to his manager, and he claimed, several times, over my incredulity, that he didn't have one. He really was a snotty little bastard (yes, I know call centre employees have a truly hard life, but I did start out polite....) So, on the basis that all calls are recorded (although Damart did not actually announce that at the commencement of the call) I fired off a few salvoes.

Then I tried the DCA. The chap there was at least courteous. When he told me that he couldn't help as it was not my account. I suppose that is fair enough, but you might think that they would have some leeway when the case involves an 88 year old in a care home. Seemingly not.

So, I hung up, fled to my trusty computer, googled Damart, found the name of the MD and Will Write A Letter. I'm not accusing them of anything other than crass and insensitive behaviour towards elderly ladies, and extreme unhelpfulness, really. But, anecdotally, this happens often. And it jolly well shouldn't. My mama might be in error, although actually, I don't think so this time (is this a first??) But CustomerRelationsRNotUs, in the case of Damart. Good ones, anyway. They are certainly off my Christmas card list.

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Anonymous said...

Set of irate bastards. How can they treat their customers in such a unprofessional manner. My grandma was in a same position not long ago, finally she had to give in because the DCA drove her mad. It turned out, the money she settled through the DCA was not even owed, it was a error made by some computer error, and the ungrateful bastards did not even apologise. She is not buying from them again, ever.