Sunday, August 13, 2006

Calm after storm

So, the three days of festivities are over. I really cannot remember when I have enjoyed myself more, and even better, no sense of let-down today. (Although it is very nice to put my feet up, read a book or knit, in total peace and quiet!)

Friday, yer actual day, the DSM and I went out for the day. Went over into Lancashire, through the Ribble valley, found a very nice - well, we thought it was going to be a country pub, but it was actually a time-warped 1950s-ish "hotel", very oldfashioned but delightful. We joined all the other pensioners having lunches out (talk about the shape of things to come!), where we had the perfect meal of homemade soup and Whitby crab salad, and I received a graceful compliment from a charming gentleman who was celebrating his 80th birthday with friends at the table adjacent to ours.

Then we went to Jenny Scott's in Clapham in North Yorkshire, and both spent good money on luscious yarns, including some Debbie Bliss chunky silk for socks. A super pot of tea and flapjacks in a nearby cafe, and then on to a reservoir in Gisburn Forest for a little walk and a spot of birdwatching. Nothing wildly exciting, but a Common Sandpiper and four elegant Barnacle geese,

It was a beautiful gentle day doing things we both loved, and the best company there could be.

Yesterday, I had my birthday lunch. I had invited family and oldest friends, and booked a meal in a newish and rather cool restaurant in town. Being me, I was terrified that something would go wrong, but it was perfect. There is something incredibly wonderful about sitting down to talk and eat with people that you have known for 52, 42, 38 years - or life, of course, in some cases. The food and the service were excellent, the conversation better.

And the presents of course....I had toyed with the idea of saying "no presents" but couldn't bring myself to do it. I am glad (for one thing, I would have deprived all those lovely people of the pleasure of giving. Ahem.) Every single gift was...oh, dammit, perfect. The thought, the care that had been taken was nearly overwhelming. I'm not going to give a catalogue, but there was beautiful pottery, and beads! More lovely beads, from Cyprus and from New Zealand, where people had been on holiday.

Best of all, though - and I had wondered about being cheeky and asking, but hadn't - my niece had done me a painting, which was a huge compliment as she is always very self-effacing about her work.

Alice blue

This isn't a great photo, the colours are brighter than this - I'll maybe try again with the new camera when I have the software loaded. But it gives an idea. I was thrilled.

OK, so today is a lovely restful day. Tomorrow - well, the DSM has to have relatively minor surgery, so we get to spend the day at the hospital, and then he is home for the week. So, I may not be around much for a few days.

Could be a relief? But all the birthday blather is over now, and it should be back to fibre, work and chit and chat. Maybe pictures. I have plans.

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